Voluntary Code of Good Governance

Sport Governance Conference
In Partnership with the Legal Panel Framework
Cynhadledd Llywodraethu Chwaraeon
Mewn Partneriaeth â’r Fframwaith Panel Cyfreithiol
Amanda Bennett
Governance Adviser / Ymgynghorydd Llywodraethu
Sport & Recreation Alliance / Cynghrair Chwaraeon a Hamdden
Voluntary Code of Good Governance
for the Sport and Recreation Sector
Amanda Bennett
Governance Adviser to the Sport and
Recreation Alliance
Who, What, Why and How
• Sport and Recreation Alliance
• Good Governance
• Voluntary Code of Good Governance
Sport and Recreation Alliance
• Non-governmental umbrella body
• Over 320 members:
• Support, guide and equip through:
Why Good Governance?
• Lehman Brothers “cosmetic accounting”
• News International phone hacking
• MP expenses
• Nick Leeson, Barings Bank
Why Good Governance in Sport?
• British Athletics Federation
• Snowsport GB
• Amateur Boxing Association of England
What went wrong?
What went wrong?
What’s my role?
You have an obligation to protect:
• Your people
• Your resources
• Your sport’s reputation
Voluntary Code of Good Governance
• Voluntary - not a funding requirement
• Enables self-regulation
• Sport-specific – adaptations from other sectors
• Flexible and adaptable
• Backed by Government and National Sport Agencies
What benefits can Voluntary Code provide?
• Enables self regulation
• Inspires effective leadership
• Boosts stakeholder and investor confidence
• Promotes transparency
• Assists in building sustainability
• 21st century organisations
Seven Principles
Voluntary Code 2 years on – what has been achieved?
Over 70 sports bodies signed up
“The Amateur Swimming Association used the Voluntary Code of Good Governance for
the Sport and Recreation Sector as a key element of a thorough review of the
governance structure of the ASA. The content and the structure of the Code meant we
could start people thinking about the governance structure and to stimulate debate.
Throughout the process it served as a valuable reference tool, enabling us to check and
challenge our thinking against the principles set out in the Code. Signing up to the
Code focussed minds on governance and the principles led us through the process of
Lisa Wainwright
Sign Up and Make the Commitment
• Signing up process:
 Secure Board approval and examine what the principles mean for your sport
 Include the Code as an objective in your Strategic Plan
 Identify an individual who will lead on implementation of the Code
• Communications plan – promote your commitment
• Seek support and guidance
• Celebrate progress and positive change
SRA Support and Guidance
• SRA courses and events:
 Board Skills for Sport – Institute of Directors training 28-29 November
 Leadership Convention – 13-14 November
 Board Members for Sport – access to skilled non-executive Board members
 Voluntary Code workshop – 13 November (Principle 7)
• SRA Members – Governance Advisers, Business Helpline and peer
• SRA website – www.sportandrecreation.org.uk
Thank you for listening
Created by the sector,
for the sector
[email protected]

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