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Procurement Webinar
The webinar will begin at 12pm
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Opening remarks from the Chair
Emma Maier,
Editor, Inside Housing
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Justin Alford,
Partner, Capsticks
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Inside Housing Webinar
Changes in Procurement Law
Justin Alford, Partner
5 December 2014
Good news – new routes for procurement and options
Good news – excluding bidders that have a poor record
and doing so at any time in the process not just PQQ
Good news – other new mandatory and optional
exclusion grounds for bidders
Good news – codification of Teckal and City of Hamburg, hence
certainty on the rules
Good news – variation rights to allow changes
Ranjit Kaur
Group procurement systems & projects manager,
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Circle Housing
and the EU
Procurement rules
Ranjit Kaur
Group Procurement Manager
The proposed changes
• Positive about the changes
• Simplification, more flexibility and clarification of
the rules
Early market engagement
SME participation
Simplified selection process
Consideration for social and environmental criteria
e-Tendering and timescales
Contract changes
• Preparing now
Market engagement strategy
• Circle Housing recently held a Supplier Day
• Insight into how market is operating
• Share future plans with suppliers
• Better specifications and innovation
• Suppliers understand business requirements
• Better placed to decide if they wish to tender for
SME Participation
• Reviewing PQQ requirements to make them less
onerous and subsequently less resource and cost
intensive – likely to remove for low value contracts
• European Single Procurement Document – need
further clarity
• Dividing opportunities into Lots
• Workshops for SMEs to explain approach and explore
further opportunities to maximise participation
• Currently revisiting a procurement strategy with a view
to moving away from a single contract with a number
of suppliers to a regional multi disciplined approach
Social and Environmental
• Circle’s mission ‘Enhancing Life Chances’
• Always seeking opportunities to maximise social
impact through contracts awarded
o Training opportunities
o Apprenticeships
• Working with ‘Green Team’ to explore further
opportunities to add benefits through proposed
Contract Management
• Procurement Team to take on Contract
Management of key strategic contracts
• Better monitoring of supplier performance
• Understand suppliers and reward good contractors
who share our ethos and vision
• Supplier past performance intelligence to assist
with future opportunities
• Broaden network by working with our peers and
recognising good suppliers
Contract changes
• Aware of the six ‘limbs’ – working with our internal
Legal Team to review contracts and tender docs
• Don’t want to use them as a way to avoid reprocurement
• Important for us to consider the options available
Leisa Hewitt,
Procurement director, Procurement for Housing
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Inside Housing Webinar – 5th December 2014
Adoption of EU Procurement Changes
Leisa Hewitt – Procurement Director
The New Directives
Abolition of A&B Services
Adherence to Procurement Principles
What this means for members?
Drivers for members and focus of Procurement in Social
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Closing remarks from the Chair
Emma Maier,
Editor, Inside Housing
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The webinar is now closed
A recording of the webinar and slides will be
available to download from the IH website shortly
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