Industrial Training Registration

Trimester: 3 - 2014/2015
Learning outcomes
Industrial Training Program
Industrial Training Registration
Placement Location
Deductions of Marks
Leave of Absence
Letter of indemnity, Disclaimer
Starting Internship (weekly log, Report, supervisor evaluation)
Cheating case
Q & A Session
Objectives of the subject in the
 To let the student work in the real working environment
and get acquainted with the organization structure,
business operations and administrative functions.
 To have hands-on experience in the students’ related field
so that they can relate and reinforce what has been taught
at the university.
 To foster cooperation and to develop synergetic
collaboration between industry and the university in
promoting a knowledgeable society.
 To set the stage for future recruitment by potential
Learning outcomes
 Apply knowledge and skills relevant to the area of
study through co-workers interaction, group work and
task assigned.
 Explain industrial training experiences using oral and
written presentation skills.
 Demonstrate a professional attitude towards work and
 Follow instruction to accomplish task by using proper
tools and techniques.
Industrial Training Program
Industrial training for 3 months/ 12 weeks.
 Commencing date: 2nd
March 2015 – 24th May 2015
 Latest attachment date: 23rd
February 2015
 Nature of jobs: Must be related to the areas of specialization.
Once placed:
 Change of company is NOT ALLOWED
 Subject to the respective Company’s Rules and Regulation
 For registration in ITP website:
-At least PASS 40 credit hours excluding MPU
subjects (calculation is up to Tri 1 2014/15 result)
 For registration subject (DIT56xx) in CaMSys:
-At least PASS 50 credit hours excluding MPU
subjects (calculation is up to Tri 2 2014/15 result)
 Refer ITP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by
Students document
 Others:
Normal academic status (i.e. NOT probation status)
Not financially barred by finance.
Must be insured during industrial training period
(with the minimum coverage of Personal Accident)
Industrial Training Registration
 About registration you need to do:
Done by students. Register at the CDP Industrial Training website. Go to, and click on the industrial training link. *
DUE DATE: 31st December 2014 *
MUST PASS Minimum 40CH, excluding MPU subject (pengajian
Malaysia/Bahasa Komunikasi 2/Academic Writing/Bahasa Kebangsaan/Co-cu/Family &
society in Malaysia)
(calculation is up to Tri 1 2014/15 result)
Industrial Training Registration
CDP admin will register Industrial subject in CamSys. Student need to confirm
their placement in ITP website. CDP admin will not register those student with
pending status for placement or financially barred.
Will announce once the registration done.
MUST PASS minimum 50CH, excluding MPU subject (calculation is up to
Tri 2 2014/15 result)
DO NOT register for subject(s) if you decided to undergo training!
Industrial Training Registration
Step 1: Click the Register link
And fill the necessary details. (marked by red asterisks (*))
Industrial Training Registration
Select your academic advisor as your supervisor
Once you click the register button, an email will be send to your supervisor
for their approval.
Email notification-registration
Industrial Training Registration
Step 2: Login with registered username and password.
Supervisor will approve your registration once you submitted the Resume,
Online transcript, prove of insurance & Letter of undertaking (hardcopy).
Without approval you wont be able to proceed to Step 3.
You will receive an email if your registration is approved by your supervisor.
Email notification- Approval
Industrial Training Registration
Step 3: Search Company list
You can type in the search box based on name or state
Industrial Training Registration
Step 4: Click the company name and you will receive a company detail
Once you sent the necessary document to the company, click the yes
*Note : the website will not
send application letter for you.
It only keep track of all your
Your academic advisor will
only consider what you
record in the website as
official when they receive the
reply from the company.
Industrial Training Registration
Step 5: If there is a reply from the company, you will be notified
through email and you can also check in the Reply status link.
For successful application, the status will change from Pending to Accepted,
else the status will be Rejected. Click the Company name to know more
Industrial Training Registration
Step 6: If the company you want to apply is not in the list.
Please inform your MMU Supervisor/Advisor. Only the
coordinator can add the new company. Once added , go back to
Step 3.
Industrial Training Registration
Step 7: If you already decided which company to go, click the Confirm
Company link.
You can only confirm once. The dateline is 23rd February 2015 to confirm
your choice of company.
*Note: Only students with confirm status will be considered as officially
undergo industrial training by CDP.
Industrial Training Registration
Step 8: Any changes to your contact information please update the
website in the Update Your Info links.
You can also change your password.
Lastly, remember to logout from the system.
 Call up the company first before sending out the
application letters.
 Find out whether there is a vacancy for industrial
 If the company has vacancies, you have to ask for
the person in charge.
 The person in charge may be from the HR
department, training department, or any other
departments of the company.
 Try to get the name of the person so that you can
address the letter to the person in charge correctly
in your application letter.
 Letter without complete information (either
information about you yourself or the company)
may result in not getting any reply from the
 Choose/Identify at least 20 suitable companies that
you may apply to.
Fill up the four (4) documents (refer to next slide)
and submit to your respective AA/MMU supervisor.
Next, send the five (5) documents to every company
directly (refer to next slide).
Wait for the company’s response.
If you don’t get a response from the company within
about 2 weeks or so, give them a call and enquire on
your application status.
 Don’t wait until the last minute!
 It is your responsibility to contact and follow-up
with the company of your choice.
Procedures Documents
 Pre Placement Registration
 (a) Resume
 (b) Result /Online Transcript
 (c) Photocopy of insurance card (any prove you are covered by insurance) for the
duration of: 2nd March 2015 – 24th May 2015 . Insurance must have Personal
Accident (minimum).
 (d) Letter of Undertaking*
Documents submission date - Latest by 31st December 2014 (before 5 p.m.)
to your AA.
 Subject Registration by CDP Admin
 CDP admin will only register “Confirmed” students. Check announcement at the
beginning of training for any updates on registration.
 Applications to companies
 (a) Application Letter
 (b) Reply form
 (c) Support letter
 (d) Resume
 (e) Academic Transcript (The Online Version is sufficient, must be verified by AA)
Reply letter from Company: Latest by 23rd February 2015 (before 5 p.m.)
Placement Locations
 Company:
 Student’s own choice but with approval from the
academic advisor/CDP
The company must have a physical office.
The company must have at least 5 full-time staffs.
There were attempt to cheat where the company doesn’t
Any company located in Malaysia (including Sabah
and Sarawak)
For international students:
 Allowed to apply for company in your home country.
 Verification on the company will be made by CDP
Placement Locations
 Rules for placement
1) The job placements must be for FULL TIME work.
2) NO changing nor SWAPPING of jobs upon CONFIRMED
placement without obtaining approval from CDP.
3) If a student wants to leave his/her current placement, he/she
must provide justification to CDP and his/her company, and
receive the approval from CDP BEFORE he/she can leave
his/her current placement.
4)No working at close relative’s company.
5)Payment by the company as the allowance for industrial
trainees is encouraged, but not a requirement.
Placement Locations
 You are advised to choose the company which is
relevant to your field.
 Example:
 DIA: Accounting/ Taxation/ Audit firm
 DBA: Admin/ HR/ Marketing
 DEE/ DTE: Electronics, Electrical or Engineering
related company
*Note: Jobs such as promoter, operator, customer
service are highly unacceptable.
 Preferably choose IT company
 If non-IT company, there should be MIS or IT department
staff to supervise
Note: Advisable NOT to apply to Faculty (FIST) for training
unless you’re above average student.
DIT students– focus purely on IT services or tasks such as
developing website, programming, graphic design,
multimedia networking
DBIS students – same as DIT but can be involved in business
aspects such as planning, marketing or selling IT solutions
Must have MINIMUM ONE project
 Example: Develop website or system, design network, design
logo or multimedia, develop CD for training, etc.
DO NOT choose small PC shops or MLM shops
The training is graded based on:
 Presentation
 Presentation will take place the following week after you complete your
training. The presentation is done by two panels.
 Student’s reports :
 Report must be submitted during presentation. The report evaluation
is done by your AA
 Student’s Weekly logs :
 Weekly logs must be submitted during training. The evaluation is done
by your AA
 Employer's Evaluation :
 The company supervisor will complete the form based on your
performance and the supervisor’s observation.
 Total
<50% FAIL
FAIL: re-take DIT5618/DIT5628/DIT5638
 You can only accept ONE company’s offer.
 You must call and write a letter if you decline an
offer within two weeks after received feedback/
reply form from company (refer to website for
 If absent e.g. sick etc., please inform your company’s
supervisor immediately.
 Training period must be 12 weeks. You have to replace if
you took long leave or MC.
 If you need to extend your training please inform your
supervisors (lecturer) formally.
Deduction of Marks
 Marks to be deducted or automatically fail on the
following issues:
 When the student obtains more than one company’s
offer and fails to inform the company whose offer he/she
decides to reject;
 Asking for a change of company after the offer is
 Or not adhering to the planned schedule.
 If no submission/no presentation etc (resulting in zero
marks) for any of the components (Presentation ,
Report, Weekly logs, Employer’s Evaluation).
Leave of Absence
 If a student quits the program after its commencement:
 NOT ALLOWED to register for any subjects offered in Tri
3, 2014/2015;
 He/she has to apply for “Leave of Absence” for that
trimester, subject to the Director’s approval;
 Appeal will be looked into on case by case basis.
Letter of Indemnity
 A promise of payment in case of any damage/loss
 MMU DOES NOT issue Letter of Indemnity to any
 DO NOT accept any offer for a trainee post that
requires a letter of indemnity from MMU.
 While Centre for Diploma Programme (CDP) uses reasonable efforts to
provide accurate and up-to-date information, some of the information
provided is gathered by third parties and has not been independently
verified by Centre for Diploma Programme (CDP) You agree that all
use of this information is at your own risk, and that Centre for Diploma
Programme (CDP) will not be held liable for any errors or omissions
contained in the content of its website or for any improper or incorrect
use of the information described and/or contained herein and assumes
no responsibility for anyone's use of the information.
 In no event shall Centre for Diploma Programme (CDP) be liable for
any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages
whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or
special, or any claim for attorney’s fees resulting from loss of use, data
or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious
action, arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of
information available in ITP website.
 By registering Industrial Training you hereby agree to
indemnify and hold harmless Centre for Diploma
Programme (CDP) and its officers, subsidiaries, employees,
licensors and agents, from and against any and all liability,
loss, claims, damages, costs and/or actions (including
attorney’s fees) based upon or arising out of any breach by
you of your obligations under this Disclaimer.
Start Internship
 Student needs to submit Report Duty Letter to MMU
supervisor if relocated to other branch – to update
address to visitation.
 Must be submitted within the first week of training.
 You can download this letter from cdp website.
 Discuss with your company supervisor about any
project or assignment/tasks.
 Try to understand the systems in your work place
 Organization, administrative or practical
 Record all the work done or knowledge gained
 Maintain logbook
Weekly Log
 Refer to the website for a template. Is attached in the
training report.
Weekly log is a brief description (like a diary) summarizing
everything you have done in that particular week.
Email to your Academic Advisor weekly log’s softcopy
every week or at least every 4 weeks (4 weekly logs sent
Print out the hardcopy of each weekly log to be signed and
stamped by the company supervisor and attach to the final
training report.
Failure to submit when requested will effect ‘FAIL’ in result.
Training report
 Refer to the website for a template.
 Make sure your report cover all the requirements/items as
per template. (refer Table of content of the report)
 Include the details task given during internship.
 The report must be binding and submit during
presentation day.
 Failure to submit will effect ‘FAIL’ in result.
Training report
New item : Networking skills
 Student requires to get info about their colleagues’ education
background (in the same department or different department). The
colleagues can be from any university (include MMU).
 Details of information you should include are:
Designation (Department’s name)
Qualification or Professional membership
Date joined company
Year of graduation
Name of University
Company Supervisor Evaluation Form
 The company supervisor will complete the form based
on your performance and the supervisor’s observation.
 How the form may reach us?
 Bring the form together (sealed in envelope) with your
report when you come for your presentation at MMU
 Or Scan and email to [email protected]
 Or post to us: Center for Diploma Programme,
Multimedia University, Jln Ayer Keroh Lama , 75450
 Will be held once the training finished.
 Refer ITP website for the guidelines.
 Dress properly.
 Be on time.
 Failure to present will effect ‘FAIL’ in result.
Etiquette during training
 Dress properly
 Behave well
 Portray good image as a university student
 Be punctual
 Observe work ethics
 Concern for safety
 Be professional
 Lecturer may visit at your work place
 Around the last 4 weeks of your training.
 Visitation is done by random selection. Please inform
your academic advisor if the company requested to
have a visitation.
 Students and the company will be contacted a week
before visitation. Please prepare the road direction and
updated contact information.
Cheating during Internship
 Any suspected cheating case will be forwarded to
Legal Unit for Disciplinary Offence.
 If found guilty, the effects will be:
 Fined
 Automatic failure in industrial training subject
 Suspension of study (up to one year)
Important dates:
Important Items
• Training period
• Last date register in ITP website
3rd March 2015 to 24th
May 2015
31st December 2014
• Registration subject in CaMSys
Will be done by CDP
• Latest attachment date
• Last day to confirm in ITP website
23rd February 2015
23rd February 2015
• Last day for company’s supervisor
evaluation form
• Presentation
31st May 2015
Expected 8th - 12th June
*subject to change
For further information, kindly contact:
Mdm. Julie Yew Mei Yee
[email protected]
Mdm. Fathiah
[email protected]
Ms. Ummu Umairah
[email protected]
Mdm. Nur Hasanah
[email protected]
Center for Diploma Programmes

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