Good evening
Please take a seat at a table with people from other
schools and regions. Mix it up!
7 – 7:15p.m. (Connie)
 Global Students/Teachers
 RSGF defined
7:15 – 7:30p.m. (Jennifer)
 Examples of Global Ed collaborations
7:30 – 7:45p.m. (Connie)
 Taking It Global tour
7:45 – 8p.m. (Connie)
 Virtual School House:
8 – 8:30p.m.
 World Café
Global Students
for a
Global Future
John Nordquist, Connie Serra
Global Students for a Global Future
• Establish the educational foundation for a
program of collaboration
• Assess current practices
• Outline a pilot project to implement academic
• Demonstrate the platform and resources we
will be using
• Brainstorm on potential applications
What will the future look like?
Ian Goldin
Director, 21st Century School
Oxford University
Did you know…
Ian Goldin is a graduate of
the University of Cape Town.
Formidable Challenges
Health and Medicine
Energy and Environment
Technology and Society
Ethics and Governance
What do Global Citizens look like?
What do Global Citizens look like?
 They are curious and knowledgeable
about the world.
 They are developing skill sets that allow
them to think critically and creatively
about global issues and to communicate
effectively across cultures.
What do Global Citizens look like?
 The have a growing awareness of their
own perspectives and are beginning to
understand those of others.
 They “walk the talk.”
What does a Global Teacher look like?
What does a Global Teacher look like?
 Understands and employs best practices
in global education.
 Facilitates skill development.
 Integrates global education goals into
 Uses appropriate pedagogy to support
global education goals.
What does a Global School look like?
World Café
Question #1:
What is your school doing to develop global
Round Square Global Forum
A Pilot Project
 Round Square has partnered with Jennifer
Klein, World Leadership School (WLS), and
TakingITGlobal for Educators (TIGed) to
design, develop, and support Round
Square schools in academic, global
 Round Square Global Forum (RSGF)
The RSGF will provide:
 A platform for Round Square teachers and
administrators to engage in ongoing
exploration of global education;
 A virtual arena in which Round Square
students can develop a cross-perspective
consciousness as citizens of an
increasingly interdependent and
interconnected world;
 A means for teachers to share ideas,
lessons, and resources for globalizing their
 A system for professional development
and training in curriculum development;
 A laboratory for developing assessment
tools for academic global goals;
 An opportunity for online preparation for
RSIS participants;
Value Added
 Extend the range of options for student
participation beyond the islands of
experience represented by Exchanges,
Conferences and Service Projects.
 Expand the scope of Round Square to
support the academic mission of member
 Provide a means to connect member
schools as the movement grows;
 Engage faculty members beyond the
traditional Round Square roles.
RSGF, Pilot Project
Initial Participants:
 10-15 schools, 2-3 from each region
 2-3 teachers from each school
 Required enrollment in TIGed
foundational professional development
Project-Based Learning for Global Citizenship
 Commitment by teachers to engage in
collaborative curriculum development
with teachers from partner schools;
 Encouragement and support by schools
for teacher participants.
World Café
Question #2:
In what specific ways might you use the RS
Global Forum to add value to your efforts to
develop global citizens?

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