Enduring Love: How well do you
know the plot?
Sequencing race...
• In your "boxing" teams, you must:
1. Put the 23 events into the chronological order that
they occur in the novel.
2. Whilst doing this, locate each of the events in the
novel and write the chapter number onto each one.
The correct order
The picnic and balloon accident.
Joe meets Jed Parry for the first time.
Joe receives a phone call from Jed and lies to Clarissa.
Joe thinks he sees Jed in the library.
Joe eventually confides in Clarissa, and agrees to meet Jed.
Joe and Jed meet outside the apartment.
Jed keeps watch outside the apartment. Joe reports him to the police and receives 29 answer phone messages
from Jed.
Joe and Clarissa argue. Joe goes out in the rain and is pursued by Jed.
Joe receives the first letter from Jed.
Joe's insecurity leads him to search Clarissa's desk.
Joe meets Mrs Logan to try and 'confess' his guilt.
Joe talks to the Logan children and remembers the story about the curtains and King George.
Joe returns to the scene of the accident, meets Parry when he returns, and is confronted by Clarissa.
Joe receives the second letter from Jed, which criticizes his scientific viewpoints.
Joe phones James Gadd and Joseph Lacey. Clarissa goes to sleep in the spare room.
Joe visits the police but is told there is nothing they can do.
The shooting in the restaurant - a bungled attempt on Joe's life.
Joe decides to get a gun and visits a 'hippy' household to get one.
Clarissa is ld hostage by Jed.
Joe shoots Jed in the apartment.
Clarissa writes to Joe after the shooting with her reactions to it.
Clarissa and Joe meet Mrs Logan. Professor Reid and Bonnie Deedes explain what happened before John Logan's
death. Joe explains a scientific idea to the children.
Jed's final letter to Joe.
Develop this information into a Navigating
the text grid – download from Weebly
Select two chapters in the book to ask
a challenging quiz question on
• Examples:
• Chapter 12 – What does ‘..the fine crack of
estrangement’ refer to?
• Chapter 24 – What is the name of the student
Mrs Logan mistakenly thinks her husband is
having an affair with?
Enduring Love Quiz
Picture round: Name the characters
What’s wrong with this picture?
Who are the 5 characters on the grass?
Specifically, what should Joe be holding a bottle
of according to the reference in the book?
What’s wrong with this?
This was a world news story from last
week – what happened? How might it
be linked to Enduring Love and to us?
Who said what?
“I feel happiness running through me like an electric current.”
“I love you more now I’ve seen you go completely mad…The
rationalist cracks at last!”
3. “It was nothing. Wrong number. Go to sleep.”
4. “There was a man eating lunch by himself at a table not far from
our table where we were eating lunch and I recognised this man
to be…”
5. “Isn’t it wrong to eat horses?”
6. “I have to find her.”
7. ‘Isn’t it possible Parry presented you with an escape from your
8. ‘I’m sorry,’ I said pleasantly. ‘It’s not my thing at all.’
9. “I think you have a special need for prayer?”
10. “Tell Leo as well. Say it again slowly, that thing about the river.”
Which chapter?
1. Which chapter does Joe believe he sees Parry in the
2. Which chapter does Clarissa’s letter to Joe appear in?
3. In which chapter does the shooting of Colin Tapp
4. In which three chapters does Jed write a letter to Joe?
5. In which chapter does Joe meet Mrs Logan face to
face for the first time?
6. Which chapter does Joe shoot Jed?
What is being spoken about?
1. ‘…thrust his hand into his top pocket and pulled
out a short-bladed knife which he drew through
the air in a wide semi-circular motion. I had no
time to move. She raised both hands to her
throat, but he wasn’t aiming for that. He
brought the tapering point of the blade right up
under his own ear lobe and held it there. The
hand on the knife was shaking, and pressing
hard. He turned right round to show her, and
then he showed me.’
What is being spoken about?
‘…the beast was tamed.’
What is being spoken about?
3. ‘Joe has another kind of problem. His emotions
are slow to shift to anger in the first place, and even
when they have, he has the wrong kind of
intelligence, he forgets his lines and cannot score
the points. Nor can he break the habit of
responding to an accusation with a detailed,
reasoned answer, instead of coming back with an
accusation of his own. He is easily outmaneuvered
by a sudden irrelevance. Irritation blocks his
understanding of his own case, and it is only later,
when he is calm, that an articulate advocacy unrolls
in his thoughts…’
Find the next line
1. ‘He fell as he had hung, a stiff little black stick.’
2. ‘Like a self in a dream I was both first and third
3. ‘Joe?’ Said the voice. ‘It’s Jed.’
4. ‘He was a pathetic figure, not a threat after all but an
annoyance, one that might frame itself, just as
Clarissa had said, into an amusing story.’
5. ‘Joe is hanging in the frame of the bathroom door like
some newly discovered non-stop talking ape.’
6. ‘Perhaps we really were finished.’
Jed Parry Odd One Out
How many examples can you find?
‘I close my eyes and see you as
you were last night in the rain,
across the road from me, with
the unspoken love between us
as strong as steel cable.’
‘Joe, Joe, Joe, I’ll confess it,
I’ve covered five sheets of
paper with your name.’
‘He was a pathetic
figure, not a threat but
an annoyance, one
might frame itself, just
as Clarissa had said, into
an amusing story.’
Homework: Due Thursday 14th March
Essay preparation
• Why trees
• Half address - Why is Enduring Love an
appropriate title for the novel?
• Half address – Why might Enduring Love not
be an appropriate title for the novel?
Why? Tree
Why is Enduring Love an appropriate title for the novel?
Jed’s “love” for
Joe endures
Why does Jed
love Joe?
Jed suffers from
DeClerambault’s syndrome –
associated with pathologies of
Why did McEwan give Jed’s
character this condition?
Which chapter in the novel is the
most important? Why?

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