the Educator Evaluation System (EES)

Welcome to the
Educator Evaluation System (EES)
Home Base
August, 2013
Today’s Outcomes
• I will be able to access:
– EES, Orientation resources, Self-assessment, PDP
and “Captivates” in Help guide
• I will know how to complete my:
– Orientation, Self-assessment and PDP
• I will know next steps
Subsequent sessions will address
peer observation, mid-year PDP, summative…
In the novel, what
motivated Sarah’s
behavior? Support
your claim with
evidence from the
and Learner
Pearson a
simpler, better
system to
replace NC
Design, Practice
& Resources
Data Analysis
and Reporting
Integrated Instructional
Solution(SchoolNet – OpenClass – Test
a new standards-aligned tool for
instruction, assessment and data analysis
Development &
EE and PD
a simpler, better
information system
to replace McRel
• The Evaluation Process Is NOT Changing
• The Evaluation Platform/System HAS
Accessing Educator Evaluation System
• You will need your
– UID (10 digit number)
– First time password (given by administrator) or
your new one
• Go to I-SS Home Page > Staff > Power
School > Teachers
• Click Login
Your Username is the 10 digit number also known as a UID.
If it is your first time logging in, then Password is the one given
to you by your administrator. 2nd time in use your new password.
Click on NCEES
application to access EES
Link for Observation
Schedule found here
To access Orientation Resources click on the
Start tab under Evaluation
At end of tour click on
plus sign in yellow
container to open
Orientation container
Training & Orientation
Schedule can be accessed via
announcement on home page
When Orientation is
complete it will be
checked completed and
the workflow triangle
will move to next step
Process for completing an Observation will be
addressed in a subsequent modules
Click on Evaluation Process tab
Before we get acquainted with SelfAssessments and PDPs let’s get familiar with
some True North Logic lingo and typical Action
• There are Four Plans – Every teacher will be
assigned two plans
– Plans in TNL lingo are templates
1. PDP – For all teachers
2. Evaluation: One of the following:
a)Probationary Evaluation
b)Career Full Evaluation
c)Career Abbreviated Evaluation
True North Logic Lingo and Typical Action Steps
To access your Self-Assessment and
PDP click on the Start tab
Click on plus sign in yellow
to open PDP container
Click on Edit button
to access Self Assessment
Want to finish at
another time then click
on “Save and Exit”
Click on Evaluation Process
To exit Self-Assessment
To re-access Self-Assessment:
Click on triangle next to blue button under
Select “Edit” and then “Edit” again in next
Exit by using “Evaluation Process” tab
To access your PDP:
Click on Evaluation Process tab
Click on triangle next to blue button under
Select “Edit”
Then use pull down menu
under Action to select Edit
1.Click “NEW” next to PDP.
Enter required information
And then select “Save”
2. Then Click “New” next to
Teacher Strategies to access
PDP strategy section
As you can see the
Strategy section is very similar
to our previous PDPs
• When you have completed drafting your PDP:
• Select “Mark Completed” from menu in Action
button on your PDP plan”
• In new window select “Send” from menu in
Action button so administrator can view
Curves to Anticipate
TNL lingo; plans
Action Button
Send function
Email notification
Image size
Scroll Bars
• Platform isn’t hard, it’s just foreign right
• Your colleagues and administrators will be
there for you
• Questions or issues: review Help Guides
then contact your site administrator. If they
need to they will contact Jed Stus

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