*Properties of Atoms in the Negative Ion and

“Properties of Atoms in the Negative Ion and Femtosecond Laser Radiation Interaction”
the Collaboration between University of Latvia and Freiburg University
financed via Baltic-German University Liaison Office.
U.Berzinsh, J.Klavins, J.Alnis, M.Eklund, and H.Helm,
Riga, LU 72 scientific conference
This was first collaboration between our two institutes and main target for Latvian
team was to participate in some experiment with negative ions and have hands on
femtosecond laser used in Freiburg. Recently very interesting experiment on
carbon atoms was performed by using this laser, and by using the carbon anion
beam for formation of carbon atom beam [1]. During our visit the experiment for
measurement of beta coefficient in photo detachment of C- was set up.
Important part for this project was to establish closer contacts between our two
institutes, and search for potential future collaboration.
This project of the Baltic-German University Liaison Office is supported by the
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Foreign Office of
the Federal Republic Germany.
[1] H.Hultgren, M.Eklund, D.Hanstorp and I.Yu.Kiyan. Electron dynamics in the
ground state of a laser-generated carbon atom. Physical Review A 87 (3) (2013)
Background (Gothenburg Freiburg Riga)
Group in Freiburg, roots in Gothenburg
Recent experiment, tried to publish in Nature
Femtosecond laser, compexity
Baltic-German University Liaison Office project, we won
Further Collaboration, conference/summerschool 2014
Strong Laser Fields People
Group Leader
Mr. Dr. Igor Kiyan
[email protected]
Mr. Hannes Hultgren
[email protected]
Mr. Mikael Eklund
[email protected]
PhD. Students
Electron dynamics in the ground state of a
laser-generated carbon atom, 2013
• A real-time observation of electron motion in the
ground state of the carbon atom is presented.
• A wave packet is created in the ground triplet state of
the atom via photodetachment of its negative ion in a
strong laser field.
• Its dynamics is probed using the selectivity of strongfield ionization to orbital alignment in combination
with an electron-imaging technique.
• A strong temporal modulation in the photoelectron
yield at high kinetic energies is observed, which reveals
a periodic motion of the electron cloud in the atom.
Experimental setup
Images of photoelectrons recorded at pump-probe time delays of 2000 fs (a), 2300 fs (b), and 2600 fs (c). p and p⊥
denote the electron momentum components parallel and perpendicular to the polarization axis of the probe beam, represented
by the arrow in (d). The two rectangles shown in (d) represent the area over which the electron yield was integrated
Laser consist of:
Pulse Strecher&Isolator
and Pulse Compressor
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Further colaboration
Dear Uldis,
Feel free to give a presentation on February 7th,
I will be happy to correct / add to your draft once you
send me your version.
Concerning the summerschool I would be happy to
Topics I have given in previous summer schools are:
- Photoionization and photodissociation ( 6 hours )
- Imaging of electrons, atoms, molecules, and fields (4
hours )
- High resolution frequency measurement / atomic clocks
(4 hours)
Concerning possible dates: After April 21 or second half
of August 2014 are possible.
Best wishes,

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