An innovation System

Qatar as an innovation-driven society: the role of
research and development
Launch Workshop on the Qatar R&D Survey: s2
Four Seasons Hotel, Doha, Qatar
28 to 30 October 20123
Michael Kahn
Research and Innovation Associates, South Africa
Qatar is on the move
• From
‘factor/efficiencydriven’ to ‘innovationdriven’ in two years
• What indicators reveal this
change and what must we
monitor going forward?
It’s all about innovation
Innovation is regarded as key to economic growth and
societal well-being. Hence:
• OECD Innovation Strategy (OECD, 2010),
• China : Innovation will contribute to the ‘green and
harmonious’ development’ of a socialist society
• USA: “Innovation is more important than ever. It is
the key to good-paying, private-sector jobs for the
American people.”
Some evidence
How does the World Economic Forum categorization work?
Leaping across the categories
12 pillars of wisdom …
Innovation (both technological or nontechnological) is the introduction into a
market of a new or significantly improved
good or service; or the implementation of
a new or significantly improved
production process, distribution method,
or support activity for those
R&D is one of many innovation activities
Acquisition of
Observing & listening
machinery, technology
& software
Invention &
Staff training
Staff mobility
Reverse engineering
Organization & process
Scientific publication
IP protection
2,8% of GDP is
USD 5 billion
The Linear model for innovation
• R&D led growth: – ‘give us (taxpayers) money; we’ll give
you results’
• Statist (USSR, India, China < 1978) : Academies of
Science + state laboratories
• Corporatist: (Japan, S Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
SA<1990, China > 1978) – government and industry
combines – keiretsu, chaebols, mining houses define
agenda, use state protection to develop niche
technological competences.
• 1970s stagflation in West … how did the East succeed?
Innovation systems (OECD)
“Innovation policy … an amalgam of science and
technology policy and industrial policy … knowledge in all
its forms plays a crucial role in economic progress …
innovation is a complex and systemic phenomenon. The
systems approach to innovation shifts the focus of policy
toward the interplay of institutions and the interactive
processes at work in the creation of knowledge and in its
diffusion and application. The term national innovation
system has been coined to represent this set of
institutions and these knowledge flows.”
An innovation System
CulturalPolitical norms
Regulatory, ethical &
legal, environmental,
What to measure?
“The S&T system … (involves) three types of activities:
• Generation of S&T Knowledge
• Transmission of S&T Knowledge
• Use of S&T Knowledge
The dynamics of the S&T system involves the flow from the site
of the S&T knowledge generation to the site of the use, which
requires a means of transmission to get from one site to the
other, and capacities to transmit and to search and absorb.
The dynamics of S&T involves the linkages between actors
(individuals or organizations), the buying of embedded
knowledge, the hiring of employees with S&T expertise, the
acquisition of codified knowledge, and the diffusion of S&T
information. To facilitate discussion of the dynamics, there must
be a means of classifying activities, linkages and outcomes.”
Statistics Canada (1998)
What we find ….
Source: UIS, November 2011
Source: UIS, November 2011
Source: UIS, November 2011
Source: UIS, November 2011
[DOHA] Qatar has launched a national research strategy to facilitate its transition
to becoming a knowledge-based economy.
The Qatar National Research Strategy aims to support the objectives of the Qatar
National Vision 2030, which was launched in July 2008 to address the country's
future economic, social and environmental development.
The new research strategy was unveiled last week (21 October) by Sheikha Moza
bint Nasser, chairperson of the Qatar Foundation, at the opening of the
foundation's 4th annual forum (21–23 October).
In her opening speech, Nasser highlighted the importance of building upon
Qatar's human resources and scientific knowledge. She also stressed that Arab
nations should work together to stand equal with their international counterparts
in research and innovation.
"We have funded, so far, 78 research projects for 53 institutes in 12 Arab
countries, with more than US$68 million," said Nasser. She added that since 2009,
the Qatari government has been allocating 2.8 per cent of its GDP (gross domestic
product) to promote research, technology and innovation.
SciDevNet 29 October 2012
Qatar Shell launches dialogue series to help build R&D capacity. Participants at
‘Qatar Shell Dialogues’.
10:43 PM 5 June 2013
Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre (QSRTC) has hosted the inaugural session of a
series of workshops known as the “Qatar Shell Dialogues”.
The series has been launched by the company to provide a platform to exchange ideas and
knowledge across business, government and academia in support of various areas under the
Qatar National Research Strategy.
The inaugural event engaged prominent thought leaders from industry, government and
academia in a focused dialogue to generate recommendations on how the energy industry
could help bolster Qatar’s national research and development (R&D) capacity.
Source: UIS, November 2011
Source: UIS, November 2011
So what is R&D?
Research and experimental development (R&D)
comprises creative work undertaken on a
systematic basis in order to increase the stock of
knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture
and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge
to devise new applications.
Source: UIS, November 2011
Let’s measure !

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