Chancellorsville PowerPoint

Civil War Battle PowerPoint
By: Sara Smrz, Hannah Pisarski, and Kaylee
The Chancellorsville battle took place at Spotsylvania
County, Virginia. They named the battle
‘Chancellorsville’ because Chancellorsville was the
closest known city to the battle.
Virginia state flag
Battle Overview
Who: Joseph Hooker(Union army) vs. Robert
Edward Lee(Confederate)
Where: Spotsylvania County, Virginia.
Why: The main reason that this whole war was
fought was slavery.
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May 1: Hooker's Federal army assumes a strong defensive
position around Chancellorsville. Lee receives news that hooker's
left is weak, and plans an attack with Jackson for May 2.
May 2: Jackson marches 27,000 troops around Hooker while Lee
keeps pressure on the Federals with the remaining 13,000. Sickles
III Corps attempts to attack Jackson's column but tangles with
Lee's force instead. Jackson routs the Union XI Corps with a
surprise attack. Jackson is accidentally shot by his own troops
command passes to J.E.B Stuart.
May 3: Lee and Stuart reunite after a desperate morning of
punishing frontal attacks. Lee is diverted from attacking Hooker's
last line by an urgent message from Early at Fredericksburg.
May 4: Lee blocks Federal advance and counterattacks.
Meanwhile, 4 miles east, Sedgwick's VI Corps captures Early's
defenses and set out for Chancellorsville.
May 6: Hooker retreats across the river before Lee can attack.
Union Army Loss
• 1,606 people killed
• 9,672 wounded
• 5,919 missing/captured
Confederate Army Loss
• 1,665 people killed
• 9,081 wounded
• 2,018
Important People in the War
Joseph Hooker
Joseph Hooker was a career United
States arm officer who fought in
the Mexican, and American wars.
He was a major general in the
Union Army during the Civil War.
Although he served throughout the
war, usually with distinction,
Hooker is best remembered for his
stunning defeat by Confederate
General Robert E. Lee at the Battle
of Chancellorsville in 1863. He
became known as "Fighting Joe"
during the Civil War due to civilian
clerical error however, the
nickname stuck.
Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson
Thomas Jonathan Stonewall
Jackson was a Confederate
General during the American
Civil War. Confederate
Pickets shot Stonewall during
the Chancellorsville Battle,
which the general survived but
lost an arm. He later died of
complications of pneumonia 8
days later. He was one of the
most gifted tactical
commander in the United
States history.
Click On Sound To
Hear :
The battle field now has a
memory walk with
Stonewall Jackson. The
battle walk is the main
attraction here. You can
really get a feel for what
the soldiers did for there
country. There is also a film
of an overview of the
Battle Field Now:
Battle Field Past:
Conclusion of the Chancellorsville Battle.
This battle was known as General Lee’s
“perfect battle”. It was called Lee’s
perfect battle because he divided his
army and successfully won victory over
the Union Army with half the amount of
soldiers. Although he lost his right-hand
man he was crowned with a Confederate

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