Jaw Relations – Copy

Jaw Relations
The relation between the two jaws are called JAW
Significance of recording jaw relation
When teeth are lost due to various reasons
We can see that the space occupied
by the teeth is empty
Jaw relations
Our aim is to restore the lost structure
very close to what was present
Pre-requisites for Jaw Relations in
Edentulous Patients
It is a clinical step.
For it to be done we need to have Record Blocks for
both upper and lower casts.
They need to be prepared to the prescribed
Parts of a Record Block
Record Block
Record Base
Occlusion Rims
Materials in record base construction
• Temporary Record Bases
– These are materials which will be replaced during the final
processing. They WILL NOT be part of the finished denture.
– E.g., Shellac, Light-cure acrylic resin, Self-cure acrylic resin
• Permanent Record Bases
– These are bases which WILL REMAIN as part of the final
– E.g., Heat-cure acrylic resin, Cast metal Bases.
There are 3 Jaw Relations
1. Orientation Relation
2.Vertical Relation
3. Horizontal Relation
To record Orientation one must use a FACEBOW.
To take advantage of the use of a facebow we need an
articulator that accepts a facebow transfer
What is an Occlussal Plane?
The Occlussal Plane is the plane where the Occlussal
aspect of the teeth will be.
How can I check parallelism of the
Occlussal Plane?
A device helps us to visualize this parallelism.
It is called the Fox Plane
Posterior occlussal plane:
Parallel to the ala tragus line .
Vertical Dimension of Occlusion
The vertical dimension of the face when the
teeth are in contact .
This is what we do NOT know because there are NO teeth!!
Effects of Improper Registration of
Vertical Dimension of Occlusion
A . High Vertical Dimension Of Occlusion leads to:
1. There excessive display of the teeth and denture base.
2. Difficulty in swallowing.
3. Muscular fatigue.
4. Interference with speech .
5. Clicking of teeth on mastication and speech .
6. Pain under the denture base and trauma to the
supporting structures .
7. High Vertical Dimension accelerates bone resorption.
8. TMJ problems.
Methods of measuring Vertical Dimension
1. Centric Relation
2. Eccentric Relations
– Right Lateral and Left Lateral Relation
– Protrusive Relation
Significance of the Centric Relation
The Centric Relation Position is important because  Centric Relation is a functional position
 Centric Relation is guided into by the muscles and
ligaments and so is verifiable and repeatable.
 Centric Relation for a given Vertical Dimension .
 Centric Relation is the starting point for developing
the occlusion.
Methods Of Centric Relation Registration
1. Wax registration method .
2. Graphic tracing method .
3. Chew - in or functional method .
Jaw relation record transferred to the

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