File - Hinzman`s AP World History

Step One
Make a Venn Diagram
 Try to pick two religious systems that you
are familiar with so that you can brainstorm
 Find multiple points that they have in
common as well as in contrast
 Make sure that you can explain why they are
different or why they are similar
Step Two
Plan out which points you can explain with
more facts
 Begin to formulate statements that will act as
topic sentences for your body paragraphs
 Example:
○ Both Christianity and Judaism are monotheistic faiths
which may be due to the fact that Christianity grew out
of Judaism.
 Facts to include would be to discuss that both faiths have a
singular deity referred to as god in Christianity and Yahweh
in Judaism
 Another fact is that the founding personage of Christianity,
Jesus Christ, was born to a Jewish family and lived as a Jew.
Decide on an order for the body paragraphs
that will make sense and give a flow to your
Step Three
Now to begin the Thesis:
○ This sentence or these sentences should
provide a road map for your essay to your
○ You should also try to include a sample of a
specific point you will make later in the essay.
○ Example:
 The religious systems of Judaism and Christianity
are more alike than different prior to 600 CE, as they
both are monotheistic, share much of the same
literature, and core beliefs about holy observance
whereas they differ on the divinity of Jesus Christ and
the writings found in the Christian New Testament.

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