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2011- 2016
World Federation of
Methodist & Uniting Church
Europe: Britain and Ireland
Who we are
Alison Judd
Area VicePresident
As a member of MWI, you are
automatically a member of WFM&UCW.
Continue focus on the UN Millennium
Development Goals...
...with a particular emphasis on MDGs
2 and 3 for the Irish Unit
‘My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and
united in love so that they may have the full riches of
complete understanding, in order that they may know the
mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are all the
treasurers of wisdom and knowledge.’
Colossians 2:2,3
For all of you were baptised into Christ, have been clothed
with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free,
male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:27-28
Taking these goals into consideration, during this
quinquennium, we are supporting:
Open Schools Worldwide International
AudiBible Project
About Open Schools:
•Christian organisation
•Responds to needs of educationally marginalised
children, offering free and open access to
education, through trained volunteer teachers.
•Partners with local communities to ensure most
appropriate provision.
•Organisers of ‘school-in-a-bag’ project – provides
all resources necessary to provide this education.
Open Schools Worldwide International
AudiBible Project 2013-2014
• Working with volunteer teachers and
local communities in South Africa.
• Contain whole Bible in appropriate
languages for learners.
• Also contain stories and phonics
necessary for literacy teaching.
•• Cost:
need batteries.
250 @ £30– each
recording, delivery and
• September 2014 – 250 AudiBibles purchased (£7500) –
thank you for helping us reach our target!
Wings of Hope Lanka
Kudaoya Project
About Wings of Hope:
•A non-profit organisation which seeks to empower
women and children to develop an understanding of
their own personal worth and realise their own
potential to live purpose-filled life through:
-Living and sharing the love of Jesus Christ
-Community Development
-Education and Skills Training
-Partnering and Networking to deliver programmes
that promote the care and development of women.
Wings of Hope Lanka
Kudaoya Project
• To run from September 2014 until July 2016
• To bring hope and help to women and children in
the village of Kudaoya, a village 130km north of
Columbo, Sri Lanka. 3 separate yet linked projects,
to run in succession:
1. Water Tank and Sanitation Project - 2 water tanks
along with a motor pump and pipelines to supply
tap water directly to the village and also build
basic toilets for 10 families. Estimated cost: £3,200
Wings of Hope Lanka
Kudaoya Project
2. Education Programme for Single Mums and their
children – basic health and hygiene, nutrition, First
Aid, prevention of disease, child protection, abuse of
awareness; supply of school uniforms, shoes and
books for 6 of the neediest single mums; health
checks and follow-up. Estimated cost: £3300
3. Mother and Baby Program: To supply nutritional
supplements to 10 of the neediest pregnant and
nursing mothers and their babies; provide ante- and
post-natal Health Care and Baby Care Training
Programs. Estimated cost for 1 year: £3,300
Raise awareness of human trafficking
in our country
• Human trafficking is modernday slavery.
• Estimated 27 million slaves in
the world today in 162
• Only approximately 1-2% are
• Ireland is a hub for trafficking.
• Get connected. Find out
more. Join the fight against
Don’t forget Gift Aid!
• Remember to ask for a gift aid form
when making donations to
• In Northern Ireland we get an extra
23p for every £1 spent – that’s
another £23 for nothing if you
donate £100!
Want to get connected with
Find out more about the work of WFM&UCW
and issues facing women today:
• Join our Facebook page:
• Follow us on Twitter: @WFMUCWIreland
• Check out our website:
Some of our ladies
at the European Area Seminar in
Italy in June
Did you know?
WFM&UCW is 75 years old this
Come and join us for a
retreat to celebrate our 75th
Where: Gracehill Moravian
Church, Ballymena
When: Saturday 25th
October 2014, 10.30-15.30
Bring: a packed lunch. Tea
and coffee will be provided!
Please continue to support our work
both financially and prayerfully.
Bambelela – Never Give Up.
Christ is our Hope.

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