thirteen reasons why - Chelsea

By: Chelsea
Jay Asher
• Born in Arcadia California on September
• Thirteen Reasons Why is Jay Asher first
published novel.
• Hannah Baker is the protagonist in this
story even though she committed
suicide. She is the protagonist because
everyone else in the book is an
antagonist to her life.
• In this book the antagonist is all one big group of people. Its
everyone that was on the tapes of Hannah Baker’s.
Everyone played a part to affect Hannah’s life in a negative
• Justin Foley
• Alex Standall
• Jessica Davis
• Tyler Down
• Courtney Crimsen
• Marcus Cooley
• Zack Dempsey
• Ryan Shaver
• Clay Jensen
• Bryce Walker
• Mr. Porter
Favorite Character
• Clay Jensen finds the tapes of Hannah Baker’s
life on his door steps one day after school.
Although he is on the tapes he was the only
one that never did anything negative to
Hannah Baker. Even Hannah herself said
that Clay was an all around good guy.
Least Favorite Character
• My least favorite character would not be just
one person but a group. Everyone but Clay
was on the tapes because of the negative
affect they played on Hannah’s life. From
Justin down to Mr. Porter would be my least
favorite because they did not think about the
affect they were having on Hannah’s life.
• The book starts out with Clay Jensen finding a
box on his front porch and he does not know
who it’s from. When he opens it up he finds
tapes inside and starts to listen to them.
When he listens to the tapes he realizes they
are from Hannah Baker, the girl he liked and
never got a chance to tell her.
Rising Action
• The rising action in Thirteen Reasons Why
would be from the time Clay listens to the
very first tape and keeps going tell the end of
the tapes.
• The Climax comes when Hannah says her last
words on the tapes, “thank you” then a click
and it’s over.
Falling Action
• Clay then mails the tapes off to the next
person on the list just like Hannah says to. He
goes back to school remembering all the
times he let Hannah slip by and seeing all the
people who were on the tapes and knowing
all they did.
• Clay decides he can’t let another person slip
by in his life and wishes that he did something
different. He calls after Skye, so he will not
make the same mistake again.
• Time Period-Present time
• Place-Hannah’s home town
• I rate this book
• Love
an 8.5 because
• Death
it’s different
• High School from most
books I read
and it drew
me in.
Teen Suicide
Why it happens
• Teens are under enormous
amount of stress and pressure.
• Good grades
• Have a job
• Fit in at school
Depression and anxiety
• Teens are at the greatest risk for
depression and anxiety but most parents
and adults do not believe that.
• Adults cannot take the attitude that
part of being a teen is feeling pressures
and stresses.
• Because most teens with depression don’t get
help they turn to self-injury as a form to
make the emotions they are feeling go away.
• Slowly self-injury increases, acting like a drug.
• Soon self-injury controls their life and they feel
as if there is no way out but end their life.
• Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for
15-to 24-year-olds, surpassed only by
accidents and homicide.
• Suicide rates have been increasing over the
last few years for teens
• Suicide rates differ between boys and girls.
• 20% of teens self-injure at least once, and 11%
self-injure repeatedly
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