NSF Other Support

Salary and Wages Policy
Other Support
 Limits
salary compensation for
senior personnel
 Two
(2) months of regular salary
in any one year
 All
NSF funded grants.
NSF regards research as one of the normal
functions of faculty members at institutions
of higher education.
Compensation for time normally spent on
research within the term of the appointment
is deemed to be included within the faculty
member’s regular organizational salary.
NSF Funds many NOT be used to:
◦ Augment the total salary or salary rate of faculty
members during the period covered by the term of
the faculty appointment, or
◦ To reimburse faculty members for consulting or
other time in addition to a regular full-time
organizational salary covering the same general
period of employment.
Calendar Year Appointment (12 mos) for PI is $120,000
◦ NSF pays up to $20,000 per year on all NSF projects.
Academic Appointment (9 mos) for PI is $90,000
◦ NSF reimbursement must be charged to the grant
when it is used
◦ NSF pays up to $20,000 during the academic year on
all NSF projects.
Summer Salary for PI with $90K academic appointment
◦ NSF pays up to $20K for two summer months
◦ Two months outside of PI appointment term
Salary in excess of two months must:
◦ Be disclosed in the proposal budget
◦ Justified in the Budget Justification
◦ Specifically approved by NSF in the Award Notice
Submitted with your proposal.
All current project support from whatever source.
Include the proposed project
All projects requiring a portion of time of
◦ Principal Investigator
◦ Senior personnel
Even if they receive no salary support from the
Total award amount
Total award period(including indirect costs)
Number of person-months per year to be
devoted to the project (regardless of the source of
support) may be averaged if the amount varies each year.
Provide information for all proposals already
submitted or submitted concurrently to
other possible sponsors, including NSF.
Concurrent submission of a proposal to other
organizations will not prejudice its review by
Biological Sciences Directorate is an
exception to this policy, see GPG Chapter
If the project now being submitted has been
funded previously by a source other than NSF,
the information above must be furnished for
the last period of funding.

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