What is Jag Time?

What is Jag Time?
Collaboration and
Commitment for
Student Success at
TMS !!!
What is Jag Time?
Jag Time is an opportunity to incorporate the
following into the school day:
Academic Support
Jag Time Schedule
• Jag Time will be from 1:45 to
2:45 on Thursday and Fridays.
**Monday through Wednesday’s regular class
schedule will run to the end of the day, 2:45.
**Thursday and Friday’s regular class schedule
will run to 1:45 to accommodate Jag Time.
Jag Time Trimesters
Jag Time is divided into three
trimesters …
First Trimester … 10/16 to 11/28
Second Trimester … 1/8 to 2/20
Third Trimester … 2/26 to 5/3
Jag Time Enrichment
• Students who are eligible to receive
ENRICHMENT four times per week will
choose a course from our Enrichment
• A survey will give enrichment students a
chance to communicate their top enrichment
• Once the surveys are complete, enrichment
students will be placed in enrichment courses
based on preference and availability.
• Some Students will be place in
INTERVENTION for Reading or Math as a
**Intervention Placement is based on some or all of
the following:
Prior Year or Current Grades, SOL Test Scores,
Attendance and Behavior Data, ARDT Screening for
Math, Lit Assess for English, Scholastic Reading
Inventory, Teacher/Parent Recommendations and
Benchmark Test Scores
Intervention Goal Plans
Intervention classes will be small classes where
each student develops an individual goal plan
with the teacher.
The Trimester will be spent working on two or
three short term goals.
Intervention Teachers will collaborate with
each student’s regular reading and math
teacher to provide the best possible
Academic Support
• Academic Support is NOT a course.
• Academic Support is a week (2 days of Jag Time)
• Individual Teachers will assign Academic Support based on
missing or incomplete work.
• Placement is communicated to the students each
Wednesday, and students who are assigned Academic
Support report to Academic Support during Jag Time
Thursday and Friday. There is no early release once
placed in Academic Support for the week.
• Missed ENRICHMENT work must be made up when the
student returns to Enrichment.
• Students in Intervention will be assigned Academic
Support only if the Intervention Teacher agrees that it is
Jag Time Progress Reports
Jag Time is not a grade on the Report Card.
Students may receive Jag Time Progress Reports.
The following will be addressed in the progress
Daily Assignments Completed?
Focus and Task Commitment?
Positive Attitude?
**Student Progress will determine future Jag Time

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