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Sacral Neuromodulation
Style Guidelines
November 2013
Table of Contents
Our new positioning, messaging, and creative reflect the essence
of what we want Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation (SNM) to stand for
in the hearts and minds of customers, patients, and MDT employees.
Put simply, we stand for Continuous Control
Defining SNM
Target Audiences
Discussing SNM
Key Messages
Theme/Main Headline
Displaying SNM – Physician Audience
Visual Identity
Global Execution
Global Execution Examples
Global Abstract Execution
Global Color Palette and Specifications
Global Typography and Specifications
Alternate Local Execution Examples
Defining Sacral Neuromodulation
Positioning Defined
Positioning captures why you do what you do in the mind of the prospective or
current customer
– “Customers don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” –Simon Sinek
It captures both the functional benefit and value/emotional benefit
It is what we stand for in the hearts and minds of our customers – serving as a point
of differentiation and as a driver for all we do
SNM Positioning Statement
Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation provides uninterrupted bladder and bowel control
because of the unique MOA that influences communication between the brain and
pelvic floor, restoring normal function and resulting in superior long-term clinical
efficacy so that patients can focus on their life, not their condition
Expressed as a singular thought: Continuous Control
Defining Sacral Neuromodulation
Target Audiences
The primary target audiences for Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation
– Healthcare Providers
• Urologists
• Urogynecologists
• Gynecologists
• Colorectal Surgeons
• Allied Professionals
– Patients and caregivers
– Internal MDT
Discussing Sacral Neuromodulation
Key Messages
Key Messages
Proven to Restore
Long-term Control Proven
at 5 years
Significantly Improves QoL
Test Before You Treat
Continuous Control
That Moves
Patients Forward*
Control That’s Proven to
Last 5 Years
Significantly Improved
Quality of Life
Try it First to See if it’s
Right for You
Leave the Constant
Worry Behind
* This headline is supported by the fact that we have proven long-term efficacy. Tactics that use this headline require a
reference to our long-term data.
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Visual Identity
A brand’s visual identity communicates important symbolic messages that cannot be
conveyed by words alone. Color palettes, graphics, and images bring brand
characteristics to life clearly, consistently, and distinctively.
Market research with physicians in the US and EU showed a strong ability for our visual
components to communicate our brand promise in a unique and compelling way. There
may be some instances where customization of the visual depiction is desired but the 3
main components of the concept are needed to communicate the brand promise.
The 3 main components to the SNM visual concept include:
1. The Bathroom City
2. The “Road”
3. The Patient
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Visual Identity: The Bathroom City
The bathroom city represents the problem we want to address: an oppressive frame of
mind in which a patient is constantly concerned
with locating bathrooms.
In this execution, the generic city is depicted
as dark and oppressive, symbolizing a place
of constant worry from which the patient
wants to escape.
In this execution, another generic bathroom city
was developed using actual bathroom doors
Both executions illustrate a crowded,
overwhelming location with multiple and
clearly defined bathroom symbols
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Visual Identity: The “Road”
• The “road” is a second critical component of the visual
concept and represents movement away from the problem
• The road should originate from the bathroom city and exit
off the page to symbolize ongoing symptom control
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Visual Identity: The Patient
• The patient is the final critical component of the concept
illustrating the goal: freedom from the constant worry
• The patient should be shown being transported away from the
bathroom city on the road
• The expression and/or activity of the patient should be
aspirational and represent a new freedom
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Global Execution
While the concept does allow
for some variation in local
execution, such as a more
realistic depiction of the road for
US patient materials or
localization of the patient for a
specific geography, this
representation of the concept
should be used to consistently
display our global brand at
conventions where SNM and
our target audiences are the
primary focus.
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Global Execution Examples
Booth Graphic Example
MDT Logo (often included on
booth frame)
Prominent reference to therapy
Long-term data supports our
theme “Continuous Control”
Theme/Main Headline
Masterbrand Tagline
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Global Execution Examples
Brochure Layout Example
Messaging and/or
Standard Therapy
and Indication
Tactic title, if
Front Cover
Back Cover
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Global Execution Examples
Physician Overview Brochure
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Global Execution Examples
Slim Jim Brochure
Journal Ad
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Global Abstract Execution
In some cases, a complimentary abstract version of the concept may be needed:
• Where multiple tactics that leverage the concept are used in a singular location,
such as a convention booth
• Where a more scientific or clinical approach is needed
• Where a tactic does not have space for full disclosure requirements and therefore
can’t support inclusion of our main headline
Abstract Postcard Examples
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Global Color Palette and Specifications
The Global Concept color palette is derived
from the Medtronic Masterbrand color
palette, which utilizes the Pantone Matching
System® (PMS®), a globally recognized
professional color management system.
Always use the colors as shown; black
ink or white (KO) may also be used for
Do not introduce any other colors or
variations to the color palette
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Global Typography and Specifications
The Myriad Pro font family is the preferred
brand font for all promotional and branded
communications. Specifications are
provided to allow for maximum flexibility
while maintaining a consistent look within
Medtronic Masterbrand guidelines.
Text colors above are recommendations,
and may not suit every situation
Do not alter the proportions or add
effects to the font
For slide decks, Arial Regular and Bold
may be substituted
The type treatment for “Continuous
Control” should remain consistent. This
includes font weight, leading, and
tracking. To obtain the vector art of this
file, contact Neuro Design Studio.
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Alternate Local Executions
US Patient Materials
Trifold Brochure
Displaying Sacral Neuromodulation
Alternate Local Executions
US Patient Materials
Evaluation Brochure
Long-Term Therapy Brochure
Contact Information
Please direct any questions regarding the Medtronic Sacral Neuromodulation
Brand Style Guide to:
Connie Ballantine
[email protected]
To access source files for executions outlined in this style guide, go to our
global file sharing site at:
Medtronic Masterbrand Guidelines Website

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