140363 - A Practical Guide to Apps

A Practical Guide to Apps
Presented by: Kim Boyd and Kay Cole
Digital Learning Specialists
Fort Bend ISD
Edmodo Code:
 Provide detailed information on some of the most popular
educational apps.
 Demonstrate apps.
 Share lesson sample and ideas.
 Free – iOS and Android
 Easy to use
 Great for a one day lesson
 Search for images within the app
 Saves to camera roll for easy transfer off the iPad
Lesson Ideas
 Holidays around the World
 Illustrating French Phrases
 Analyzing Quotes
 Illustrated Timeline
 Types of Angles or Triangles
 Types of Volcanoes
 Illustrating Amendments to the Constitution
Haiku Deck
 Free and Web Version
 Visual Presentations
 Search for images within app
 Share via URL
 Convert to PowerPoint or Keynote
Haiku Deck
Lesson Ideas
 Images of the Great Depression
 Life Cycle of a Butterfly
 Artists and Types of Art
 Chemical Reactions
 Polygons
 Book Reports
 Countries in Africa
Explain Everything
 Costs $2.99
 Screencasting and Interactive Whiteboard
 Multiple import and export options
 Manual in iBooks store
Explain Everything
 Lesson Ideas
 A Trip through the Digestive System
 Solving Equations
 Website Validity
 Propaganda
 Continental Drift
 Causes and Effects of the Vietnam War
 Analyzing Works of Art/Artists
 Types of Biomes
 Balanced vs. Unbalanced Forces
Trading Cards
 By Read, Write, Think – Free and Available on PC
 Easy to Use
 Provides Guiding Question to help complete card
 Share-Save to Photos
Trading Cards
Lesson Ideas
 Biography
 Character Analysis
 Historical Event
 Student Introduction – Get to Know You
 Greek Celebrities
 Heroes of the Texas Revolution
 Vocabulary Words
Sock Puppets
 Free and Paid Versions - $3.99
 Paid Version allows from longer recordings and gives you
options to save and share.
 Add puppets, props, and backgrounds.
Sock Puppets
Lesson Ideas
 How to work a math problem
 Animal Classification
 Point of View
 Historical Events
 Interview with scientist, explorer,
 Differences of animal & plant cell
 Plot of a story, character analysis
 Explain landforms
 Branches of Government
 Free
 Produce a short video on a photo background of choice
 Record voice or type a message
 Share – Camera Roll, Web URL
Lesson Ideas
 Travel through a blood cell
 Visit the constitutional convention
 Types of angles found in a sports stadium
 Describe a food chain or ecosystem
 Report from a historical event, i.e. the
 Describe the setting for a story or novel.
Yakit Kids
 Free
 Easy to use
 Make one or more characters in picture talk
 Improve summarization skills
 Share-Camera Roll, embed code.
Yakit Kids
Lesson Ideas
 Scientist tell about their greatest finding
 Historical character explains their journey or
what made them famous
 Mathematician explains their mathematical
 Character in story gives their point of view
 Artist explains brush stroke or technique in a
 Free – iOS and Android coming soon
 Collaborate in real time
 Multiple pages
 Upload photos or PDFs.
Lesson Ideas
 Post different math problems on several pages and
assign groups to solve each problem.
 Post a picture that illustrates a cause of the Great
Depression on one page and one that shows an effect
on another.
 Post a definition and have students post a sentence
using that word or a picture that illustrates it.
 Students take turns labeling the parts of a heart.
 Construct Bohr models.
 Post a quote and have students analyze or illustrate it.
Screen Chomp
 Free
 Easy to Use
 Record actions and voice
 Share via URL
Screen Chomp
Lesson Ideas
 Solving equations
 Balancing chemical equations
 Annotating a Map of the 13 Colonies
 The Water Cycle
 How Levers Work
 Analyzing a Political Cartoon
 The Pythagorean Theorem
 Free
 Great website with already created presentations
 Import pictures and type
 Must record to save
 Has to be completed in one sitting.
Lesson Ideas
 Types of Clouds
 Newton’s Laws of Motion
 The Lewis and Clark Expedition
 Branches of Government
 The Four Types of Conflict
 Mean, Median, and Mode
 Transformations
 Free iPhone App
 Book Creator
 Easy to Use
 Add Text, Voice, or Draw
Lesson Ideas
 Book on an Element
 Children’s Book on a Character Trait
 Alternate ending to a Fairy Tale
 Texas Symbols
 Founding Fathers
 Types of Triangles
 A Part of Speech
More Apps
Creative Book
Contact Information
 Kim Boyd
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @KABoydETS
 Kay Cole
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @KayCole13

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