Joint Mobility Center (JMC) passenger processing

773d Logistics Readiness Squadron
Deployment Flight (LGRX)
Passenger Processing
Joint Mobility Center (JMC)
passenger processing
Army passengers are brought to the
JMC in buses with their carry on
baggage. A full weight is annotated
then the empty weight of the bus.
This process gives an exact weight
of flight passengers and carry on
After being weighed the passengers
are guided to the manifesting
station for final processing.
Vehicle Ops bus bring each aircraft chalk
To the JMC for accountability and ease of
Joint Mobility Center (JMC)
passenger Manifesting
Army soldiers swipe their
CAC card on the reader
located at the passenger
processing desk. The
program creates a manifest
that is placed on a disk
that can be loaded into
Gates, by the 732d
passenger terminal
personnel. 208 personnel
were weighed and
manifested in 15 Minutes
on 2 August 2011 at the
Soldiers performing the ID card swipe confirming
Their physical presence for the aircraft manifest.
Passenger Services at JMC
Passengers are provided
snacks from the dining
facility while waiting for
the aircraft to be loaded
with the unit baggage at
the JMC.
Soup sandwiches and snack food provided by JBER
Dining facility
Cargo Handling
Each chalk has their cargo
brought to the JMC in two
trucks. The trailers are
weighed full the Empty
weight is written on the
trailers. The heavier
trailers loads the rear of
the commercial aircraft
and the lighter trailer loads
the front cargo hold.
Van stands alone on the scale. After weighing the
Tractor backs up and reconnects with the van then
Moves to the aircraft.
Army and Air Force load
Military load teams
working with the
commercial loadmasters
load cargo into the hold
prior to passenger loading.
Load team loading baggage into the foreward hold
Of the aircraft.
Army/ Air Force Team
loading deployment
Load teams moving cargo
into the hold working with
the commercial
loadmasters to expedite
the loading process.
Loading duffel bags into the forward hold of a United
Air Lines aircraft.
Soldiers loading on
Cargo and passengers
arrive 3 hours prior to take
off all tasks completed
cargo and passengers
loaded, wheels up.
Army passengers loading on to aircraft at JMC, deploying
4th Brigade 25 Infantry
Division, deployed from
JBER to Fort Polk LA.
19 Commercial Aircraft
2,361 Army Passengers
449,260 Lbs cargo
Time period 19 July to 3
Processed Airborne
operations and Air Force
air Craft during this time
Final boarding of passengers

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