Aviwe Mgijima

Kim Beattie
• Kim Beattie, originally from
Zimbabwe, moved to Cape
Town to matriculate at
Rustenburg Girls’ High School
in 2008.
• She is presently studying a
BPrimEd through UNISA .
• She plays a vital role in the
coaching of both tennis and
• Kim has expressed her desire
to return to Zimbabwe and will
be doing so in June 2013.
Zine Dwane
• Zine Dwane, originally from
East London, completed her
schooling in Cape Town,
where she matriculated
from Sinethemba Senior
Secondary school in 2003.
• She is currently study a
BPrimEd Foundation Phase
through UNISA.
• She is working closely with
the Grade 2s, as a
classroom assistant, as well
as coaching junior games,
doing junior art club and
Jayson Edwards
• Jayson attended SACS High
School and joined the
programme at the beginning
of 2013.
• He is currently in his 2nd/3rd
year of BPrimEd.
• Jayson coaches rugby and
Ryan Geddes
• Ryan joined the Academy at
the beginning of 2012 and is
currently in his 2rd year of
• Ryan coaches rugby and 1st
team waterpolo.
Lusenathi Ham
• Lusenathi Ham is a Caledonian
and matriculated from LEAP
Science and Maths school in
• He is currently studying
BPrimEd through UNISA and
assists the Science
department as a Lab
• He coaches rugby and cricket
as well as having regular
boarding house duties.
Leon Heavyside
• Leon Heavyside hales from
Pietermaritzburg. He
matriculated in 1992. Leon
joined us in 2006 as a security
officer and joined the student
academy at the beginning of
• He is currently in the second
year of his BPrimEd.
• Leon has had a massive impact
on the IT department and his
role as Lab Technician has
been invaluable. He also
coaches rugby and cricket.
Amy King
• Amy has completed her
undergrad and holds
her honours in
psychology from
• She joined the program
in 2013 and intends
completing her PGCE in
2 years.
• She originates form the
Eastern Cape.
Lorne King
• Lorne King was born in
Scotland and matriculated
from Dawn View High.
• Lorne already has a diploma in
• He is presently in his second
year of BPrimEd.
• He is extensively involved in
the school’s sports
programme, coaching tennis,
cricket, rugby and hockey.
• He also teaches grades 3, 4 &
5 Bible Ed and the grades 6 &
7 Cool to be me life
orientation programme.
Lupumelele Tuswa
• Lupumelele Tuswa
matriculated from Stutterheim
High School and is now
studying a BPrimEd.
• Lups has proven to be a great
role model and now plays a
vital role in the pastoral and
administrative life of the
school as a class teacher.
• He coaches cricket and rugby
as well as having the enviable
task of being in charge of
school photographs.
• He is also our cricket
Tamsyn Young
• Tamsyn Young originates from
Cape Town and finished her
schooling at Rustenburg Girls’
• She is studying BA (English and
• She runs the squash, as well as
being involved in swimming and
water polo coaching.
• She is the only female member of
our boarding staff and therefore
fills an important role for the
• She is due to graduate in June
Previous Graduates
• Dora Sintu (Xhosa speacialist
G1 to 4) and Ngcingci Mseleku
(Pupil support – Eden Road)
• Both Dora and Ngcingci are
pervious graduates from a
precursor to the Academy
Class of 2010
• Warren Viljoen and Craig
Connellan both completed
their PGCE degrees at the end
of 2010.
• Warren, who was vibrant
member of our Academy,
received a job from Parklands
College, an independent
school in Table View
• Craig was hired by WPPS,
replacing Craig Verdal-Austin
as the Geography teacher.
Class of 2011
• Glenn Jones is originally from
Lesotho and matriculated at St
Andrew’s School,
Bloemfontein in 1993.
• Glenn previously studied at
Stellenbosch and Wits
Universities respectively and
will be completing his PostGraduate Certificate in
Education through Unisa in
• He coaches cricket and
Class of 2012
• Kate Smith
• Kate joined the program at the
beginning of 2012 and
completed her PGCE in a year.
• She applied for and is
currently working at
Underberg School in KZN.
New Recruits
• Both Thabo and Luke have
joined the Academy in 2013.
• Thabo attend Graham College
in the Eastern Cape and has
been working as sports coach
and part-time Xhosa teacher
at the College
• Thabo is currently in his 1st
year of BPrimEd
• Luke is originally from
Zimbabwe and is currently
playing rugby for Hamiltons’
• He will be studying marketing

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