Jacques Cartier HAM

By Helen, Anna and Megan
Jacques Cartier (personal
Jacques Cartier was a experienced sailor and
navigator. In 1534 he tried to find the Northwest Passage
sent by the French King. Just before returning to France
he saw a waterway. He named the waterway St. Lawrence
because it was the Catholic feast day of Saint Lawrence.
Sixty years later New France got their first permanent
Cartier’s Sponsor
Jacques Cartier’s sponsor was the French King,
Francis. He was sent to claim and find routes to the
Northwest Passage way. Later on he was sent to map out
what is know known as the Saint Larwence river. The
American Indians village had sent some of there chiefs
back to France. The chiefs told the French King where
great riches in the far west.
Jacques Cartier’s motivate was to find a new
passage. He was to find a Northwest Passage way and
sailed to Newfoundland in present-day Canada.
Dates and Routes
 In 1521 Explorers from Spain
traveled to Asia by sailing
around the tip of South
 In 1534 King Francis sent
Jacques Cartier an
experienced Explorer and
Navigator to find the New
Passage way.
 1541 Cartier and some settlers
were sent for the third time
went on a mission to claim
land on north America.
 Jacques Cartier followed the
route along the St. Lawrence
 He entered large gulf
through a narrow waterway
which was between two huge
land areas.
Jacques Cartier claimed a piece of land for France
just before returning there. He also established a
settlement in 1542.
The End

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