Mentor Texts PPT - Andrea Williams

Mentor Texts
Andrea Williams
What’s a mentor?
good do they do
 "What are your best readalouds?
 “What author's words do you
bring to life?"
Begin with the end in mind:
Today’s goal…
From this…
to this to
Allow me to explain and reshape your image!
Consider- Why are you
reading that book?
Benchmark skills
 CCSS Language Standards classes may
be working on
 How can I connect?
 How can I support?
 How can I teach?
 What is a mentor text for [standard]?
Cause and Effect
 My
Teacher’s Purse activity
Where do balloons go?
Questioning – for Research
Caldecott Project
 Use
them to mentor how to look closely at
details in pictures and how they enhance
or tell the story
 Can be used to mentor how to find
evidence within text
 Can be used to lead students write a lead
Mrs. Santandrea’s lead activity
“The beginning of a piece of writing is like the front door to your house. You want your
guests or reader to feel welcome and compelled to want to stay and linger.”
Question Leads: begins by asking the reader an interesting question
Example- Have you ever felt scared and excited at the same time?
Snapshot or Image Lead: begins with the author “painting a picture” for the reader
Example- I was lying in my bed watching the light from the sun make tiny square
patterns on my bedroom wall. I could hear a mosquito buzzing around my head,
and the smell of pancakes was just beginning to make its way up the stairs.
Talking Lead: begins with dialogue
Example- “Quick! Hit the floor!” my dad yelled. “Whatever you do don’t look up,”
my mother added as I dropped to the floor and slid myself under the bed. It was a
terrifying night for my family when we discovered a bat in the house.
Action Lead: gets the reader quickly involved in the story by starting with an
exciting event or some kind of action
Example- I threw on my favorite red dress and quickly scrambled down the stairs as
fast as I could. It was my 8th birthday and I couldn’t wait for the party to begin.
Setting Lead: begins by creating a mental movie of the time and/or place for the
Mentor a lead question…
 Mrs.
Unser’s Lead“Wow! Holy cow! Did you notice the way
the eyes on the characters in this story pop
out in these illustrations?” I asked Patrick. At
that moment I thought to myself, “This must
be a book that has won the Caldecott
Award?” To my surprise, it had not, but I
definitely think it should!
The LMS role in a project like
 Knowledge
of Caldecott
 Explain the selection process
 Mentor how to be a “judge”
 Get your art teacher involved
 Model how to research history and the
copyright date
 Teach students about the quality of
“agelessness and timelessness”
Modules – Theme
What are human rights, and how do real
people and fictional characters respond
when those rights are challenged?
Grade 5 ELA Module 1 – Human Rights
Civil Rights & Human Rights
 Bringing a Human element to what they already know about Rosa Parks
 Connecting the theme of Esperanza Rising to Cesar Chavez
 Human Rights and Children’s Rights - Making personal connections
Grade 4 ELA Module 4,Unit 1
 Suffrage
Vote For Books
Mock Election
5th grade Module 3A
In this brief unit, students will build their background
knowledge about the importance of sports within the
American culture over time.
Use All Star by Jane Yolan
Build on the theme of what
makes a person an “All Star”
Use Pebble Go and their 100
Dollar Bill project start a mini
research project
Then use resources like
Omingraphic’s Biography today
Students choose a modern day
“All Star” (their opinion that will
need to be supported by
Final step compare their
selected “All Star” to Jackie
Creativity and Connections
 Be
 Have fun
 Have purpose
 Think outside the box

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