Part 3 Analysis

Ms. Kinnian
 Charlie used to view Ms. Kinnian as his teacher and
 Now Charlie is starting to catch feelings for her that
he never knew existed.
 Charlie “friends” always take
him to the club
 Charlie “friends” set him up to
dance with Ellen
 They get Charlie drunk and
ditch him
 While they’re dancing his
“friends” keep tripping him
 “I feel ashamed” -Charlie
Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss
 Dr. Nemur gives Charlie a TV to sleep with at night to
strengthen his subconscious
 Dr. Strauss on the other hand could care less about
Charlie I actually think he’s jealous of the fact that
Charlie might have the potential to know as much as
him if not more
 When the policeman brings Charlie home drunk from
the club Ms. Flynn takes him to his room and makes
sure he’s safe.
Charlie Vs. Society
 Charlie is now feeling insecure because he now knows
that people are laughing at him because he has an I.Q
average of 68
 This affects Charlie because society may feel as
though they can take advantage of him
Rorschach Test
Part III of Flowers for Algernon is basically about Charlie
having his surgery done and he is slowly gaining
knowledge. The TV from Dr. Nemur might actually be
working! According to Ms. Kinnian Charlie’s diction is
improving. He is getting better with spelling and using
bigger words. He is aware that his “friends” really were
jerks toward him they took total advantage of him, by
getting him drunk and ditching him. SMH!!!!

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