Maintaining Employment

LaWanda Woods, On-Ramp Coordinator
Judy Taylor, Professional Counselor
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Workshop’s Purpose
Maintaining employment in this economic
downturn is vital. While there are no
guarantees of keeping a job, we will share
some tips to help avoid being the one laid
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Employers aren’t happy
about having to lay
people off from their
jobs. They are keenly
aware that families are
impacted greatly when
one income is cut off.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Work Hard
Most employers don't mind a little
time spent on Facebook or texting,
but do focus on your job and give
your employer the time you're
getting paid for. When it comes to
making lay-off decisions, and the
company has to choose, the most
productive employees will get to
keep the job.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Be On Time
The workers who are late to
work, take a long lunch hour,
use a ton of sick time, and/or
leave early every day aren't
going to win any points with
their boss. Be punctual and
be there, instead of making
excuses for why you can't be
at work.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Be A Team-Player
The employees who don't get
along well with others, who
gossip about other workers, or
who aren't willing to pitch in to
help, aren't going to be
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Be Flexible
Flexibility can be a key
component of hanging on to
your job. When the company
needs someone to change
shifts, work weekends, put in
some overtime, or work a
different schedule, think
about volunteering if your
personal schedule permits.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Don’t Complain
Nobody likes complainers,
regardless of how legitimate the
complaints are. If you don't like
your job, I can guarantee there
are plenty of other people who
would jump at the chance to get
it. When the job market is as
upside down in the employer's
favor as it is now, be really
careful about complaining.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Offer to Help
One of the best ways to
get (or keep) job security
is to volunteer for new
initiatives, to offer to help
with projects, and to take
on more responsibility.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Keep Your Thoughts To
Even if you hate your job, keep it
to yourself and your family or
close friends. Don't tell the world,
because the wrong person is
probably going to see what you
posted. That, in and of itself, can
cost you your job.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Be Positive
Negativity is contagious, but so is
a positive attitude. The more you
stay positive, even if you're in a
tough situation, the better you'll
be able to manage.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Suck It Up
Maybe it's not your favorite job.
Maybe you'd rather be doing
something else. However, it is a
paycheck and if you need the
income, it can make sense to
stay until you secure a new
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Maintaining Employment
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Scenario 1
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Ron was hired as an inventory/stock clerk
in a stationery store. Since he began his
job, some people have been laid off
because the store is not making enough
money. Ron has been told that, as a result,
the company expects him to help in the
shipping department after he completes his
assigned tasks. Although Ron admits that
he does not have a full day’s work at the
moment, he resents his new assignment
and thinks the boss is taking advantage of
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Scenario 1
Possible Reponses
Ron can talk to his boss & clarify how the
new responsibilities will impact his current
He can ask the boss how to schedule each
assignment so that he is able to complete
all of the work during his scheduled hours.
Ron can discuss the way he feels with an
outside job coach/mentor to get another
perspective & avoid building up resentment.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Scenario 2
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
During the past two years that Margaret
has worked for this company, her
supervisor and co-workers have
occasionally asked her to help them with
projects. At first, she didn’t mind the
additional work and she felt good to be
needed. Now, however, the situation has
gotten out of hand and Margaret is finding
that they call on her so often she has
trouble completing her assigned work.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Scenario 2
Possible Reponses
Margaret can limit taking on additional
responsibilities and explain that she will
help out when her own work is
 Margaret can set limits by stating when
she is available to do extra work and
when she is not.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Be Prepared for Layoffs
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Being employed by someone other than
yourself means that there is always the
possibility of being laid off, especially
during times of widespread economic
hardship. If the signs are in place that
layoffs are inevitable it is better to be
prepared and ready to move than to get
caught with no idea of how to proceed.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Tips for Keeping Your Job Video
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
If the atmosphere in the office is already one of doom and gloom and the
horizon looks a little bleak, start networking.
Talk to other people in the same field to
see if there are openings in the field, start
searching the classifieds and on-line
Typically, someone with a job is more
likely to land an interview than someone
who isn’t.
Employers see being employed and being
proactive as preferred to someone who is
not employed.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Educate & Brush Up
•Begin brushing up on interview skills
and other soft skills if necessary.
•Take a refresher course in any
software that is lacking.
•Become multi-talented by learning
new programs before they are needed.
•Find courses that offer further
education in the field of choice.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Update Resume
•An updated resume is vital to standing out among other applicants.
•Be sure the current resume reflects all aspects of the job being left.
•Point out any advancements or improvements brought to the
company and offer an explanation of why other employment is being
sought only when asked.
•Leave some room for the interviewer to ask questions.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Personal Files
•If an impending layoff appears
evident make sure the PC you
use is clean of all personal files.
•No one wants to know about
bills, kids, or bank statements
that don’t pertain to them.
•Some of those files should not
be on the work PC at all.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Although it might be tempting to leave an
unorganized mess if laid off, resist the temptation.
The only thing accomplished is a tarnished
professional reputation. If a layoff is foreseen, take
time to update and organize any work related
materials. The person who has to pick up extra
duties will appreciate it and if the layoff doesn’t
occur spring cleaning files is always a good idea.
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Signs of a
Possible Layoff
"Cost-cutting measures are being implemented
throughout the organization.
Your workload is lighter than usual or projects are being
reassigned to others within your department.
Your work is cyclical in nature, and you have significant
periods of slow time.
Your position or department isn’t viewed as a revenue
You are no longer included in meetings in which you have
typically participated.
Your manager is showing increased interest in the status
of your projects and the procedures planned for
completing them."
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011
Contact Information
LaWanda Woods, On-Ramp Coordinator
Chester Campus
[email protected]
(804) 768-6612
Judy Taylor, Professional Counselor
Chester Campus
[email protected]
(804) 706-5225
JTCC On-Ramp Program 2011

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