EXPO * 2017 - Swiss-Kazakh

The concept of Forum
«EXPO – 2017:
Regional initiatives»
Today Kazakhstan is strongly integrated into the international
community. We are open for investments, partners and modern
technologies. Quality revolution in an energetics will change all
existing ideas of business and activity. It will improve efficiency
of economy, will raise social standards, will stop habitat
The Forum’s mission
• development of alternative energy sources
• introduction of innovative technologies at regional level
• energy saving and energy efficiency
The Forum’s agenda
1) Actual questions in power
2) Development of offers on implementation of projects
in “green energy” area
3) Energy saving technologies
4) Perspectives of development of the region industry
into use alternative energy sources
The forum’s aim
• Development of effective ways in realization innovative
projects in power sector
The forum’s task
1. Drawing attention of business community to need of use of
alternative energy sources
2. Coordination of efforts of innovative processes’s
participants, exchange of experience in commercialization
and introduction of innovative projects on the declared
subject – "Energy of the future“
3. Development a package of measures within innovative
development of power sector
4. Formation of effective ways of innovative processes’s
Date and venue
• 23 January of 2013 year
• «Grand Nur Plaza Hotel» Акtau, hotel
The format of the Forum
Plenary session.
"Discussion of the conceptual issues of formation of the
commercialization of new technologies, problem solving
projected energy shortages, and recommendations for energy
conservation, energy efficiency and reliability of power supply,
study advanced technologies for renewable energy "
Time: 10.00 a.m.-01.00. p.m.
The format of the Forum
round table
Section 1 "Energy Saving"
Section 2: "Environmental aspects of energy sources"
Time: 3.00 p.m.-5.00 p.m.
Discussion Questions
1) definition of "points of growth" and the competitive
advantages of domestic industrial production for scientific
and technological innovation and economic development;
2) definition of effective government and public support for
the development of innovative business;
3) implementation mechanisms of the innovation system;
4) exchange of experiences and the commercialization of new
technologies, solutions to problems of energy shortage, the
study of renewable energy;
5) positive experiences of innovation in the field of energy;
6) development of international cooperation in science,
technology and innovation
Forum organizers
Akimat of Mangistau region
With the support and participation of:
Ministry of the Environment;
Ministry of Industry and New Technologies;
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;
JSC "National Agency for Technological Development";
JSC "Kazatomprom"
Forum participants
1) representatives of research institutes;
2) representatives of small and medium businesses;
3) representatives of the regional business support
4) representatives of major innovation-oriented manufacturing
companies and industrial holdings;
5) experts innovation and investment funds, financial
institutions and credit sphere, consulting companies;
6) heads of the central government;
7) heads and experts of local government;
8) the media.
Estimated number of participants - 500 people.
Information support of the Forum
Information support of the Forum shall be in the form of:
• dissemination of information,
• using the resources of members of the Organizing Committee;
• post information on the website of the organizer, supporting
and participating organizations;
• mailing address information;
• information partnership with leading media;
• the press conference.
Organizers and supporting organizations will contribute to a
common information space associated with the preparation and
conduct of the Forum.
The final documents of the Forum
Preparation of Appeals of the Forum Organizing Committee for
EXPO-2017 on:
• development of effective mechanisms of interaction between
science, business, and industrial and energy companies;
• industrial upgrading;
• staffing modernization and innovation.

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