RULE 8.Scoring.Oct.6

a runner legally in possession of the ball
breaks the plane of the goal line
an eligible receiver catches a legal forward
pass in the opponent’s end zone
a fumble or backward pass caught or
recovered in the opponent’s end zone.
An opportunity for either team to score 1 or 2
points while the game clock is stopped.
The snap is from the 3-yard line and the ball
may be placed anywhere between the hash
marks. The ball may be relocated after a
charged team timeout unless the timeout was
preceded by Team A or off-setting fouls.
Offsetting fouls—if there are fouls by both team and the Team B
foul is before the change of possession, the down is replayed
from the previous spot.
Team B fouls—on a successful try Team A has the option of
declining the score and repeating the try after enforcement or
declining the penalty and accepting the score. Be aware that on
personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct fouls Team A may
accept the points and enforce the penalty on the succeeding
Team A fouls—after a foul on a try that is good, the ball is next
put into play at the spot where the penalty leaves it. On a foul
that includes loss of down the try is over, the score is cancelled
and there is no yardage enforcement on the kick-off.
Dead ball enforcement—for fouls after the ball is ready for play
and before the snap the penalty is enforced prior to the next
Penalties against either team are declined by rule except for flagrant
personal fouls, dead-ball fouls, and live-ball fouls treated as deadball fouls. In those cases they are enforced on the succeeding kickoff.
If there are fouls by both teams and the Team B foul occurred after a
change of possession, the fouls offset and the try is over.
Fouls that occur after a try are enforced on the succeeding kick-off.
If the try is replayed the enforcement will occur before the re-play.
A field goal shall be declared good if a drop
kick or place kick passes over the crossbar
between the uprights of the opposing team’s
goal before touching the ground or a member
of the kicking team.
Be aware of where the ball will next be put
into play on an unsuccessful field goal
attempt that has crossed the neutral zone
and is untouched by Team B after crossing
the neutral zone.
A safety is awarded when: the ball becomes dead
out of bounds behind a goal line (except from an
incomplete pass) or becomes dead in the
possession of a player on, above or behind his
own goal line or becomes dead by rule. An
accepted penalty for a foul leaves the ball on or
behind the offending team’s goal line.
After a safety the ball is put into play at the
defending team’s 20 yard line. The ball is put
into play by either a free kick, punt or drop kick.
1 point safety—during an extra point try when
the defensive team intercepts the ball or recovers
a fumble in the field of play, the retreats back
into their own end zone and is tackled.
It is a touchback when: the ball becomes
dead out of bounds behind a goal line or
becomes dead in player possession on or
above his own goal line and the attacking
team is responsible for the ball being there.
After a touchback the ball belongs to the
defending team at its own 20 yard line.
The team responsible for the ball being out of bounds behind a goal
line or being dead in the possession of a player on, above or behind
a goal line is the team whose player carries the ball or imparts an
impetus to it or is responsible for a loose ball being on, above or
behind the goal line.
The initial impetus is impetus imparted by a player who kicks,
snaps, passes or fumbles the ball shall be deemed responsible for
the ball’s progress in any direction even though this direction may
be changed after striking the ground, an official or player of either
The initial impetus is considered to have ended and the
responsibility for the ball’s progress is charged to a player if he
kicks or bats a loose ball after it touches the ground. The original
impetus is not changed when a loose ball is kicked or batted in the
end zone. Also the initial impetus ends when the ball comes to rest
and a player gives it new impetus by any contact with it. (Be aware of
the exceptions).
Paul Dube 6 October 2014

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