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 No one ever knew when Jan was born. They think it must have
been around the 1390's. Jan died in 1441 and was buried on
July 9
 Dutch
 born in the Province of Limberg, Netherlands
 brother named Hubert Van Eyck, who was also an artist. The
brothers often worked together;
 sometimes Hubert would start a painting and Jan would finish
 Jan worked for Phillip the Good and the Duke of Borgonga.
 Developed their own distinct style known as the
Felmish school
 Jan Van Eyck was one of the first painters to use
one layer of tempera and then a layer of oil.
 1st to perfect oil painting in the 1400s
 fused on everyday with the religious through the
use of symbolism in their paintings
His most famous is Giovanni
 Arnolfini and his Bride, painted in 1434.
believed to be a portrait of the Italian merchant
Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife in their home
 signed and dated by Van Eyck in 1434
 A Man in a Turban
 The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin
 The Last Judgment 1425-30
 The Crucifixion 1425-30

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