Select Contractor Program (SCP)

2013 and Beyond
Important Changes for Contractors
Our Mission Continues
mission is to be the Clients
global leader for successful business
collaboration between leading facility managers and contractors
What Contractors are Saying
What Contractors are Saying
What’s new in 2013 and Beyond
2013 represents the
beginning of a new phase
in ServiceChannel’s history.
We have made a multi-year,
multi-million dollar investment
to drive more value for
the service buyer and
the contractor community:
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• Major New Services and
Value for Service Buyers
• Major New Services and
Value for Contractors
• New group dedicated to
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New Select Contractor Program (SCP)
As part of our ongoing commitment to provide valuable tools to both
sides of the facilities management equation, we are launching the
ServiceChannel Select Contractor Program (SCP) – a new
program that provides value-added features and services to all
contractors transacting with clients via the ServiceChannel platform.
The SCP helps contractors to maximize the benefits of the
ServiceChannel platform for their business:
• Functionality, services, and support
• Tailored to contractor’s level of activity on the platform.
Benefits Select Contractors receive
The SCP levels grow with contractors’ e-commerce needs, providing evergreater levels commerce management tools, training, technical support, and
account management resources.
Benefit Highlights include:
• New Contractor console - puts all
client relationships in one place
• Improved documentation
and training
• Improved support options—including
dedicated toll-free support with direct
agent access for some levels, prioritized
assitance with proposals, invoices and
work orders.
• Improved registration process
• Fixxbook badging and ratings - drive
more business, differentiates company
• Contractor support satisfaction survey
• Dedicated account managers –
for largest contractors
• Contactor customer advisory
board - for contractor input into
product process
Benefits Select Contractors receive
New Business Model for Top Contractors
Contractors receive these additional services and capabilities
based on their transaction volume.
The Select Contractor program offers four levels of benefits for
• We expect that about 70% of contractors will use the Green level
which is free
• The Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels cost $1 per invoice and add
services and capabilities based on invoice volumes.
Select Contractor Program (SCP)
How do Select Contractors access the specific services and features
available at their level?
Most of the subscription features and services are available directly
on, so Select Contractors can access them by
simply logging in to their accounts.
Platinum level Select Contractors will be contacted by their new assigned
account managers to assist them with additional benefits.
Select Contractor Program (SCP)
How are Contractor Select fees calculated?
Over 70% of contractors may use the ServiceChannel platform for free
using the Green subscription level.
If a contractor submits 52 or more invoices with at least one customer
relationship they receive Silver designation and pay will pay $1 per invoice
or $52. After that, SCP fees are simply $1 per invoice for all relationships
which have 52 or more invoices per year.
There are no fees for:
• Relationships with less than 52 invoices per year
• Work orders, acknowledgements, IVR access, reminder calls from our call
center, mobile apps and all the benefits above listed under the green
subscription level
New Business Model for Top Contractors
What Your Contractors Get
What SCP Gets
Reduced receivables,
speedier payments
Reduced costs of
doing business
Exposure to other revenue
Tools for better customer
$1 per invoice*
(less than the cost of
mailing an invoice)
*Applies only to contractor relationships with clients who submit
52 or more invoices per year
Resources for Contractors
There are several ways in which contractors can get more information about
the Select Contractor Program:
• Visit the Select Contractor Program micro-site at:
• All contractors can contact us via email at:
• [email protected]
• Gold and Platinum level contractors can access support via Instant Chat
when logged into their ServiceChannel account.
• Platinum contractors will be contacted by their new assigned account managers to
assist them with additional benefits.
• US/Canada-based contractors may call toll-free: (877) 468-2746
• Non-US-based contractors may call toll-free: 0808-234-2202
Communications Timeline
We will Take a Proactive Rollout Communications Approach
over the Next 4 Months
Feb 8
Feb 22 Mar 1
All Contractors
Kickoff/ All Service
Buyers Notified
May 1
Jun 1
Invoicing begins
Official Start
New Program
Service Buyer
70% of Contractors on ServiceChannel will continue to transact for free
Addendum Items
Our Vision
We recognize the importance of the SC Community as a shared global
resource serving some of the world’s largest corporations and tens of
thousands of their contractors-- contractors with a diverse set of needs
and capabilities.
We have established these guiding principles to articulate our future path to
this diverse community.
Listen to the broad global community - of facility managers,
contractors, and partners.
Create productivity, transparency, and efficiency for all
participants in the community. Creating and sharing this value
is the only reason for ServiceChannel exist. Finding ways to
remove costs from the system is the only true “win-win”
Maintain a reliable, scalable, secure and predictable
Govern the community as if it were a co-op owned by its
Our Mission
To be the global leader for successful business collaboration
between facility managers and contractors
 More efficient ways for facilities and contractors to discover
each other
 Deeper transactional process support and support for more
categories of facility and store operations spend
 Increase payment and financing capabilities
 Easier facility and contractor access and integration
 Continue to drive leading security, reliability, standards, & ease of use
The SC Community
The SC community is a vibrant community of service buyers and their contractors
Value Proposition
ServiceChannel provides value to the retailer and contractor
Service Buyer
Focus on managing facilities, not
Process savings in sourcing,
procurement, credentialing, payment
Hard $$ savings:
- Sourcing, work order management,
contractor compliance, contractor
performance scorecarding
Improved data capture, spend visibility
Benefits to contractors
Service Buyer
Compliance with customer programs
Reduced administration and
invoicing costs
Better collaboration with customers
Improved visibility into transactions
Get paid faster - faster order-to-cash
Better working cashflow management
Opportunities for new business
Our Commitment to Contractor Value
ServiceChannel offers contractors top and bottom line value.
Being a connected contractor makes you a
lower total-cost contractor to do business
with, which leads to increased wallet share.
SC customers also reduce rogue spend
By badges and credentialing on
Fixxbook, and references from SC
clients, the number one source of new
contractors for our clients.
ServiceChannel makes it easier for
retailers and contractors to differentiate
based on credentials and real, measured
performance, not price.
By eliminating calls, faxes, inaccurate
orders, automating the process for order
management and invoicing, SC reduces
contractor operating costs.
By automating the order and invoicing
processes you eliminate (or reduce) errors –
which are costly in terms of labor and delays.
Contractors tell us their SC clients have fewer
disputes and long delays in payment
Eliminates the headaches and
unpredictability of invoice and
payment cycles; order and change
order processes.

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