Sports Nutrition

Ashleigh Brunner
Accredited Practising Dietitian
Personal Trainer
Sports Nutrition
Food Requirements
 Food
 Minimum
2 L of water
 Minimum
2,100 kj (500 calories) of food
~3 muesli bars or 2 sandwiches
-3 rest stops with support crew
 We
 Try
will all be INDIVIDUAL
strategies out in training FIRST
Pre event meals
Days leading up to the event/night before
 Carbohydrate
 No alcohol
The morning of
 2-3 hours before exercise
 Moderate in protein and fibre and low in fat
 High in carbohydrate to top up your fuel stores for
 About 1-2g/kg carbs
 Low GI carbs best for sustained effort
Nutrition during the event
 Be
self sufficient
 Carbs are your best friend 
 30-60g
per hour to sustain energy
levels and delay fatigue
 High
GI better for snacks
 Main meals shift your focus to some low GI
The following foods contain ~30g of carbohydrate
(majority are of a high GI for quick release energy):
1.5 breakfast or muesli bars
20 sakatas
4x pikelets
1x small white wings 97% fat free
banana muffin (white flour)
½ cup cooked white rice
1 sachet Uncle Toby’s Quick Oats
(medium-high GI, normal oats
are low GI)
1 medium potato (no skin)
1 piece white or whole meal
bread with teaspoon of jam or
1 white Mission wrap with
vegemite and margarine
6x rice thins
2x thick slices of watermelon
3x cups cut up rock melon
1 cup nutrigrain
400mL sports drink (sip sports
drink first followed by water to
protect your teeth)
6 Natural Confectionary
10 Jelly Beans
Sunbeam trail mix (70g)
Sports gels or bars (30-60g
cho/serve) e.g. Endura, GU,
PowerBar, Body Science
Before the event:
 Before the race and
leading up to the night
before, avoid alcohol
 Not too much water the
night before so you are up
peeing all night
 200-600mL before you
start to “prime the
During the event
 150-250mL ~ every 15mins assuming you are
losing 1L/hour
 Water and sports drinks/electrolytes
 The colder the better
 Optimal absorption
 Examples
 Gatorade
 Powerade
 Staminade
 Lucozade Sport
 Endura/Hydralyte
Ashleigh Brunner
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