Lumerical: stratified gold layer illuminated with a plane wave

Plane wave scattering on
a stratified layer
Computation using Lumerical
GIST, Prof. Yong-Gu Lee
• 100nm thick gold layer is illuminated with a plane
wave @1070nm p-polarized in the orthogonal
direction. Compute the total electric field
Lauch Lumerical FDTD and start from
an empty object layout, create a
Toolbar: Simulation->Region
Object tree: FDTD->Right mouse
2D simulation
Medium is water with index of refraction 1.33
X span 100nm, Y span 200 nm
Create a mesh of particular width
and depth
Toolbar: Simulation->Mesh
Object tree: mesh->Right mouse
X span 100nm, Y span 200 nm
Create a gold substrate
Double click Quadrilateral
X span 150nm, Y span 100 nm
Set boundary conditions
Bloch boundary condition in the x-axis
Set the material for the substrate
Au (Gold) – Johnson and Christy
Create a plane wave
General property of the plane wave
The origin of the plane wave and
the applied space
Set the frequency (1070nm) of
the plane wave
The overall layout and graphical
Point monitor
Ready to run
Oops material explorer appears…
Press fit and plot
Second oops
Drexler(process 0): The program terminated due to an error:There is no possible parallel
processor layout that can be used because the simulation volume is too small. Please
reduce the number of processors or contact Lumerical Technical Support for more
Mesh resolution problem
Change x mesh from 15 nm to 1 nm
After successful run visualize E.
0.361504 at the gold/medium
Compare this with the analytic

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