6. Unit 13 Command and Control Chains of[...]

Unit 13:Command and Control
Chains of Command and Qualities required of
members of the UPS.
 Explore Chains of Command and Why we have them?
 Badges of Rank within the armed forces?
 Practical Exercises and Planning for Major Incidents
Why does the UPS have chains of
The Battle of Stalingrad 1942
Battle of Stalingrad
 It was one of the biggest battles of the second world war and
it was fought between two armies, the German and the
Russian Army.
 The Russians were initially loosing the Battle because of a
poor chain of command.
-No communication
-Poor Leadership
-No weapons
-Poorly trained Soldiers
The Battle .......
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ3bzg-Tvt4
 The Russian Army would even shoot their own men for
trying to retreat.
 However the Russians eventually one the battle because they
learnt from their mistakes and built one of the best armies in
the world, because of command and control.
Chains of Command
 As you can see it is vital for both the Military and other
Uniformed Public Services to have a chain of command.
If you turn to page 3 then it shows you a chain of command
Fill in the Workbook.
 Field Army
 Corps
 Division
 Regiment
 Battalion
 Company
 Platoon
Who commands what?
 Field Army- General
 Corps- Lt General
 Division- Major General
 Regiment-Brigadier
 Battalion –Lt Colonel
 Company-Captain
 Platoon –Lieutenant
Battle Time
Battle Commanders
 You have been asked by your Major to command your platoon into
 Your Platoon is made up of three sections.
-1 Section : 8 men
-2 Section : 8 men plus 2 Machine Gunners
-3 Section: 8 en plus one sniper
4: Section of Machine Gunners 6 men
3 Demolition Engineers
Create a Battle Plan
 Write up a quick battle plan which you will present to the class
which identifies what you are going to do to attack the enemy.
 Detail where you want each section to be positioned and what are
they key aspects which ensure your victory.
Start Line
Form up line
Show how the attack will go.
Fire Support.
Enemy Base
High Ground
The Battle Plan
 The only way a battle plan is successful is if a Army has a
strong and effective chain of command.
 Without it armies and Uniformed Public Services:
-Waste Time.
-Waste Resources.
-Men get killed or injured.
Merit Work
Skills and Qualities in the UPS
 There is a difference between skills and qualities. Skills are things that a person is taught
and they allow them to carry out a job.
 Qualities are the requirements of the individual people who work in the Uniformed
Public Services in order to deal effectively with the situations. Having Good Time
management would mean that people would be at work on time and be prepared for any
issues that arise.
 Police Officer: How to search someone.
Command and control relies on its staff to have skills in order to carry out their roles
effectively. It relies on good training and leadership to ensure that everyone learns the
skills. It also reduces time wastage because in high pressured situations you need to staff
to react quickly to events.
Think of Three skills required of these
 Fire Service:
 Ambulance Service:
 Specialist Skills are vital within the UPS because they allow
chains of command to work effectively. If a Captain gives the
order for his Company to attack an area, he must be
confident that his men understand the skills asked of them.
Skills safeguard personnel because if a soldier could not shoot
well then he may put the lives of his colleagues at risk in a
 Command of people comes in three parts.
Strategic Command: This is when commanders are in charge of
building plans and develop strategies to help the UPS react well to
a situation.
Tactical commanders are in charge of putting into action the
plans created by the strategic commander. They ensure that
everyone has the correct training, resources and equipment.
Operational command are the men and women on the ground
and they deal with the people who are injured or put out fires.
Skills and Qualities required of the UPS
In a Major Incident like a Rail
1. What are the skills you
would need from the different
2. What are the qualities
needed of the staff within the
UPS and why?
3. What would happen to the
rescue if the public services
did not have these qualities?
Negatives without Good Command and
 Poor Time Management
 Poor Leadership
 Poor Communication with other members of the UPS.
 Poor Teamwork
 Not understanding how to use equipment.
 Poor fitness or strength to carry equipment.
 Poor ability to talk and work with the victims of a Major Incident.

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