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How to go from no book idea to
Amazon Best Seller in 3 Months
Tyler Wagner & Chandler Bolt
Tyler Wagner
Chandler Bolt
What we’ll be covering...
• How to FINALLY write that book you’ve been thinking
about writing
• 6-Step System for writing & launching Best Sellers in
less than 3 months
• Best Selling Kindle Book Launch Blueprint ($13,000+
• How to create thousands in monthly passive income
using your book
• How to drive 15-20 daily leads directly to your business
once your book is written
Phase 1: Finding an Idea & Getting
Clear on the Why
• Why are you writing a book?
• 4 Main Reasons
– Money/Leads
– Grow Your Network
– Build Reputation (Glorified Business Card)
– Passion Project
Grow Your Network
Build Reputation
Passion Project
Phase 2: How to Position Your Book &
Reach Your Target Audience
• Starts BEFORE you write
• 2 ways people find books
– Keywords
– Categories
• Research for both of these gives you your title,
subtitle, & direction of your book
How to Find Good Keywords
• Google Keyword Tool
• Competition Level
How to Find Good Categories and
Top 3 books – over 60% of purchases
Top 10 books – other 30% or so
The rest fight for scraps
Your #1 Goal is to get into the top 3
• General Rule:
– Top 3 books are 2,000 or worse = Good Category
– Top 3 books are inside top 1,000 = Competitive
Category Research
• KDP Calculator – how many downloads per
day a book is getting
Cross Categorization = IMPORTANT
• 99% of authors miss this
• Cuts their reach in ½
• What’s “Cross-Categorization”?
Phase 3: What to Do When You First
Start Writing
• Now that you have clarity, writing is MUCH easier
• Mind Map  Outline  Write
3 Writing Strategies
• Pick one that works for you
– Big blocks of writing for 4-6 hours
– Daily writing time (1,000 words or 1 hour)
– Knock it all out at once
8-Step KILLER Intro Checklist
Identify the problem
Present the solution
Reassert your credibility
Show them the benefits again
Give them proof
Make a promise (bigger the better)
Warn them against waiting
Prompt them to read (call to action)
Open And Close to Every Chapter
• As an author, chapters are your worst enemy
– They give a chance for your reader to put down the book
(and possibly never pick it up again)
• Keep them reading through your content so they
actually finish your book
Phase 4: Editing & Getting Your Book
Kindle Ready
• 2 types of editing
– Content
– Copy
• Find & hire a good editor
– Freelance websites (elance, odesk)
• Pricing
– Per manuscript page (250 words)
– Per Project
– Per hour
Format Your Book For Kindle
• Convert to Kindle
format (epub or mobi)
• Kindle readers love text
• Get a winning book
cover designed
– Outsource
Phase 5: Pain-Free Publishing on
“People will browse your page for 15 seconds
and leave, OR…they’ll stay on your page for a
minute and a half and buy”
Book Publishing Logistics
• Create KDP account
• Upload book
• Create Author Central Account (most don’t)
– Claim book here
– Fill out book page (with special formatting)
– Create author page with personal information
Create a Book Page That Converts
• Book cover
• Book description with
sales copy
• Great reviews from
Phase 6: Best Seller Book Launch
• This is the system that
people pay us $13,000+
to use on their book
• Reviews
– Amazon’s algorithm
– Scrap for every review
Best Seller Book Launch Blueprint
• Launch process
– Sign up for KDP Select
– Up to 5 days FREE
– $0.99 for 1 week
– Bump up prices and test
• “Pre-release list” to maximize our launch
– Email templates
Social Media “Ninja Tactics”
• People’s input – feeling
of involvement
• FB algorithms to put us
at top of news feed
• Delayed commenting
on posts
Lead Capture System
• Consistently captures
• Captures over 100% of
leads on some books
• Phase 1: Finding a book idea & getting clear on
your WHY
• Phase 2: How to position your book to reach your
target market
• Phase 3: What to do when you first start writing
• Phase 4: Editing & getting your book Kindle ready
• Phase 5: Pain-free publishing on Kindle
• Phase 6: Best Seller Book Launch Blueprint

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