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Studies in Multicultural
ROOM: I-312 / 079-565-7406
Course objectives
 Objectives:
This course focuses on the characteristics
and the relative advantages / disadvantages
of a “multicultural” society
Course details
Method of instruction: Formal lectures, combined with group discussions,
simulation games and brain-storming
Other info:
Student evaluation:
Other specifications:
Course keywords:
PowerPoint slides, handouts, and other resources
provided on the class website/blog
Documents and web links uploaded to the class
Term paper to replace final examination
Students are expected to take a active role in group
discussions and simulation games
Standard KGU Student Evaluation, plus free
discussion during the final class
This class will be delivered in English
culture, diversity, heritage, globalization, United
Nations, policies, tourism
Course sessions
 Class session titles:
Introduction to Multicultural Societies
Historic and Immigration-based Multiculturalism
Multicultural Societies as a Subset of Globalization
Homogeneity and Diversity: The Case of China
Diversity and National Identity: The Case of India
Politics of Multicultural Societies: The Case of EU
ASEAN and Multiculturalism
Multicultural Societies in Island States
Japan as a Multicultural Society?
Promoting Multiculturalism in the United Nations
The Economics of Multicultural Societies
Policies Promoting Multiculturalism at the National and Local Levels
Branding Multiculturalism for Tourism
Closing Discussion and Debate: So is Multuculturalism a Good Thing?
Class website
All course materials, including powerpoint files,
notes, coursework reports, websites etc.
will be available at the following website:
Contact me …
Prof. Hari Srinivas
Room: I-312
Tel: 079-565-7406
Email: [email protected]
Office hour: Thursday, 11:10 – 12:40

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