Information Night * U of MB M.Ed.

Information Night
Master of Education
Red River College
October 16, 2014
One university. Many futures.
• Kurt Proctor, Chair, Teacher Education, CTEIR,
• Dawn Wallin, Associate Dean, Faculty of
• Marlene Atleo – Area Coordinator for Adult & Post
Secondary Education
• Francine Morin – Head, Dept of
Curriculum,Teaching and Learning
• Robert Renaud – Adult & Post Secondary
Education, Coordinator of the First RRC Cohort
• Jon Young, Acting Head, Dept of Educational
Administration, Foundations & Psychology
One university. Many futures.
M.Ed. Admission Requirements
• A four-year Bachelor of Education degree, or a twoyear After Degree Bachelor of Education, or a fouryear bachelor degree (or academically equivalent
degree/program) from an academic institution
recognized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies
• A Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better in the last 60
credit hours of university coursework
• Two years of relevant work experience (or its
• Appropriate academic and/or professional background
for the program area and concentration
• English Language Proficiency test score (if applicable).
One university. Many futures.
Required Documentation
• Letter of Introduction (explaining interest in
a particular field of study)
• Two letters of reference
• Current resume
• Application form (online)
• Application fee ($100)
• Official transcripts (only non-U of M
transcripts need to be submitted)
One university. Many futures.
Application Process
• Steps to making application to the Master
of Education Program with a specialization
in “Adult & Post Secondary Education”
RRC Cohort. To ensure that your
application is clearly distinguished from
others applying to our regular program,
please follow the steps below when
submitting your online application which is
due no later than December 15, 2014.
One university. Many futures.
Application Process continued
• Go to the University of Manitoba, Faculty
of Education Website at:
• Click on “Future Students” and the page
that comes up will have an information box
for “Master of Education”. Click on
“Application and Admission”.
One university. Many futures.
• You will now be viewing the “M. Ed.
Application Procedures” page. Scroll
down to “Specializations and
Departments” and then click on “
Adult & Post Secondary Education”. The
link to this page
One university. Many futures.
Application Process Continued
• On the right side of this page are links to:
a complete list of all documents required
to apply and the “Faculty of Graduate
Studies Application”.
• Clicking on the “Faculty of Graduate
Studies Application” will take you to the
page “Apply online using
UMGradConnect” which will allow you to
proceed with the online application
One university. Many futures.
At the Online Application:
• For the “Program Details” section of the
application, please enter the following:
• Preferred Start Term: Summer 2015
• Level of Degree : Masters
• Program: Educational Admin Foundations
and Psychology
• Area of Study: Adult&PSE RRC cohort
• Preferred Supervisor: Leave this blank; a
program advisor will be assigned
• Intended Status: Part-Time or Full-time (Check
off part-time)
One university. Many futures.
• In your letter of introduction, also please
state that you are applying into the “Red
River College in Adult & Post
Secondary Cohort”.
One university. Many futures.
• Further questions related to the
submission of applications and materials
can be directed to:
[email protected] or 204474-9011 or Faculty of Graduate Studies,
500 University Centre, University of
Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Canada, Phone: 204.474.9377 Fax:
[email protected]
One university. Many futures.
• And finally, please confirm that you have
applied by sending an email to
[email protected]
One university. Many futures.
2014-2015 Part-time Masters Program FEES
Part-time Masters students are assessed fees over a period of 2 years. The
Continuing Fee is also assessed in Year 2 and in all subsequent years of
study. for other compulsory fees.
The Continuing Fee is also assessed in Year 3 and in all subsequent years of
* There is a 15% Administrative Fee charged to the organizing partner.
Year 1
Canadian Students
Year 2
Year 3 and subsequent
Program Fee $2,227.85 Continuing Fee $717.60
($1,1113.93 per term)
($358.80 per term)
Program Fee $2,227.85
plus Continuing Fee
($1,113.93 per term)
$717.60 ($358.80 per
One university. Many futures.
M.Ed. Program Overview
• Thesis-Based Route
18 credit hours of courses (6 core, 6
research, 6 concentration) plus thesis
• Course-Based Route
30 credit hours of courses (9 core, 3
research, 9 concentration, 9 elective) plus
comprehensive examination
Admission in the first instance to this
cohort is to a course-based route.
One university. Many futures.
Adult & Post Secondary Education Specialization
• Core Courses (9 credit hours) – cohort
EDUA 7402 Development of Adult Education &
Post Secondary Education (3)
EDUA 7404 Lifelong Learning in Educational
Settings (3)
EDUA 7408 Seminar in Adult Education & Post
Secondary Education (3)
Research Course (3 credit hours) – cohort
EDUA 5800 Introduction to Educational Research
One university. Many futures.
Adult & Post Secondary Specialization
• Concentration (9 credit hours) individual
Select courses in consultation with advisor
• Electives (9 credit hours) - individual
Courses to support specific interests –
e.g., ISE, Foundations, Counseling, etc.
• Comprehensive Examination individual
One university. Many futures.
Proposed Schedule
• Application Deadline – December 15,
• Notification of acceptance – end of
January 2015
• February/March – Completing
Program Approval Form
• Summer 2015 (May-June)– start of
first cohort class
One university. Many futures.
• We will need a minimum of 20 students
for a cohort group, but cannot
accommodate more than 25
One university. Many futures.
One university. Many futures.

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