Real or artificial Christmas tree?

-In pairs discuss which one you prefer. Write down the reasons for your decision on your
mini whiteboard.
A decision making exercise
1. Highlight the statements according to whether you think they are:
-For buying an artificial tree
-Against buying an artificial tree
-For buying a real tree
-Against buying a real tree
2.Don’t forget to include a key!
You can talk about this in pairs to help.
The carbon footprint of an artificial
Christmas tree is ten times that of a real
Christmas tree. This means you have to
use an artificial tree ten years in a row
to have any environmental benefit.
Write a letter to your parents/carers explaining whether they should buy a real
or artificial Christmas tree.
Level 3-4
Level 5-6
Level 7-8
Learning Outcomes
Literacy Outcomes
-You produce a simple, one sided argument
-Spell common words, including key geographical
-A basic decision is made and you include a vocabulary correctly.
-Write in full sentences , using capital letters and full
-Present ideas which follow a logical structure, with a
clear beginning and end.
-Balanced arguments given for each option
-Appropriately structured and arguments can be
-Your argument includes evidence i.e. Facts and followed with ease. Use of paragraphs.
-Spell a variety of words, including key geographical
-Final decision present
-You justify your choice i.e. give valid reasons -Use punctuation accurately including question
for your decision
marks and commas.
-Detailed arguments given for each option
-Final decision present, detailed justification
-A clear understanding of sustainability
throughout the writing
-Likely to have completed additional research
beyond the resources provided
-Well structured argument with a good introduction
and conclusion. There is use of topic sentences and
links between paragraphs.
-Spelling is correct, including ambitious and
uncommon words
-Punctuate as above and include colons, semi-colons,
brackets, speech marks and commas to mark
Swap your work and read someone else's letter.
On a gift tag you are going to include two stars and a wish for that work i.e. two things
that have been done well and one thing that could be improved. Refer to the outcomes
for this to help you.
Return the work and the gift tag so the person can read their comments.
When you have read your own feedback from your friend hang your gift tag on the tree
so that I can read them.

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