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The Prairies, 1870-1896
After the Red River Rebellion…
• The future looked bright for the Métis
– However, the promise soon dimmed
• Many Métis left their original territory near the
Red River
– Scattered across the Prairies
• Throughout the 1870’s the Métis continued to
feel threatened by many forces
Transition not smooth…
• MacDonald ordered troops into area to “keep the
– However, troops didn’t act as peace agents
– Métis brutalized
• Many died b/c of beatings
• Soldiers not punished
Land ownership
• Not straight forward
• All settlers in MB required to have scrip
– Gain title to the land
– Scrip: piece of paper similar to money
– 2 kinds issued to Métis
• Money scrip: value of $160 ($1 per acre of land)
– Convertible to cash (up to $160)
• Land scrip: entitled the person to exchange scrip for a
homesteaders ¼ section of land grant
• Land speculators arrived in Red River Valley
• Bought up almost all the scrip from those that
held it
– Most Métis didn’t understand value of scrip
• Traditional econ. Didn’t involve money or deeds
• Speculators used scrip as collateral for bank loans
– More investment capital
• Government of MB……….(will be revealed later)…..
• Early 1870’s: many Métis left MB
• Gravitated to the Northwest
• Tried to recreate the culture they enjoyed in Red
River before 1869
• Did the Red River Rebellion improve the Métis
situation at all?
Scrip funtivity!
• Métis with scrip
– 1 scrip, worth $160 (160 acres of land)
• Land speculator with “money”
– You only have $350 to spend on scrip
• Neither side can pool resources
• No declarations of war!
Land scrip: what did the MB
government do?
• Government of Manitoba often
threatened Métis with imprisonment
if they didn’t turn over scrip to the
land speculators
Manitoba Act
Passed in 1870
Welcome by Métis
Métis made up majority of people in the province
Act made French and English official languages of
• 2 education systems: Protestant and Roman
• 1.4 million acres of land reserved for Métis
Manitoba Act group activity
• As a group, skim through the Manitoba Act (READ
– Make notes about promises made to Métis in the act
• Individually, read the article “Métis celebrate
historic Supreme Court land ruling”
– Discuss the article as a group
• How did the Canadian government go back on its
• What impact did this have on the Métis?
• How have things now changed for the Métis?

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