Taco Bell - Presentation

Corporation Research
Gergana Alipieva
Nevena Stankova
Teodora Toneva
Ivaninva Petrunova
Blagoy Dermendzhiev
Corporation Analysis
Strategy Overview
Mission – making the best Mexican style
fast food;
Values and Culture – Caring Culture;
Long-term objectives;
Business Overview
Recent Developments
Competitive Moves – for first time
breakfast menu;
Strategic Alliances – NBA and Taco Bell;
Challenges for the future – To double Taco
Bell’s sales;
Geographical Expansion
Yum! Brands goals:
hit the 8,000 restaurant mark in the U.S;
To double Taco Bell’s sales by 2022;
Taco Bell struggled to maintain the China
The lack of competition shows that Taco
Bell has global potential;
PESTEL Analysis
Target Market
Population by Statistical Age
Total expenditure of households
by expenditures groups
Bulgarians spent about half a billion levs
on fast food;
The fast-paced lifestyle of the Bulgarians,
helped raise the total spendings on fast
food despite the economic/ financial
Household Consumption of Main
Food Products
The customer’s preferences of Fast food
Customer’s needs
How we answered those questions?
Reasons the new customer will buy your
How your products/services differs from your
Do customers currently use your products/services?
Do customers have a need for your products/services?
What would customers be willing to pay?
What other products/services would they be interested in?
Survey Monkey
 100 surveyed people
Not enough representative, but still objective sample!!!
The only fast food chain offering Mexican food!
Current Use of your products/services?
-(58.89%) never tried Taco Bell
 Why would you choose Taco Bell before other fast food
chains if you decide to do so?
-(68.67%) stated that they would choose it, because it is
Threat of substitutes:
Mexican restaurants:
Mamacitas (Borovets ski resort)
Amigos (Sofia - Vitosha’s boulevard)
Mamacita’s Restaurant (Sunny Beach resort Bulgaria)
Buffalo (Sofia)
Tex Mex –House ( Albena’s resort Bulgaria)
El Toro –Sofia
Sombrero - Plovdiv
Current population trends of your
targeted customers
The population is shrinking
Bulgaria's birth rate has decreased significantly over the past
few years
Migration processes have also contributed to the country's
decreasing population
very low fertility and substantial emigration
the UN projected a Bulgarian population of a mere 5.4
million in 2050
Bulgaria has the most negative natural growth rate of all
countries in the world
What do your customers prefer?
Low prices
Fresh and home cooked
Healthy Products
Most people prefer to cook for themselves or if
the family decides to go out for a dinner it rarely
will be a place like MacDonald’s or KFC.
Competitors’ assessment
Threat of new entrants
Papa John`s
Carl’s Jr
Do you already
compete with them in
other markets?
Yes, USA and Europe
Yes, USA and Europe
Yes, USA and
Where are they
USA, Germany,
Netherlands, Geogia,
USA, Cyprus, Russia,
and United Kingdom.
USA, Russia,
products/services do
they offer?
Old fashioned
hamburgers, salads,
fries, beverages, frosty
Limited menu consisting
of pizza, breadsticks,
cheese sticks,beverages
Breakfast, Burgers,
Chicken, Salads,
Desserts, Green
What is their image?
Very well-known, but
old fashioned style, fast
food restaurant in USA
Simple menu and
superior-quality of
brand in USA famous
for its provocative
What is their pricing
Competitive pricing
Expensive products
Competitive price
What are their
Cost and operational
efficiency; Brand
Name, Trademark and
Good brand name and
high brand loyalty; Highquality ingredients;
Efficient restaurant
Strong management;
Unique products;
Innovative Culture
What are their
Menu Diversity;
Limited menu items;
Some stores don’t have
tables and chairs
Week supply chain;
Cost Structure
Suppliers’ assessment
 What kind of suppliers would you need?
 What is the suppliers’ concentration?
 Is there differentiation of supplier inputs?
 What are the switching costs of firms in the industry?
 Is there an existing practice for forward integration?
 Overall, what does the bargaining power of suppliers in the
industry look like?
Market entry assessment
Barriers to entry
Do you want to consider an alliance
partnership, engage a third-party
distributor/franchising, or sell your
products/services directly?
Do you plan to hire new management for the country you enter
or will you rely on your home country management or another
country management?
Results assessment
Can you make a decent profit?
Can you sell your products/services at a competitive price and
still make a profit in this new market?
What do you expect to be your sales and associated costs?
How will you determine success?

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