Ms. G
Dr. Josef Mengele
followed the Nazi beliefs. In
1938, he became a fully
fledge member of the Nazi
Party. Mengele was a
licensed doctor of
Medicink and Auschwitz
Nazi Concentration
Camps. In the camps
Mengele did experiments
on Jews and other
prisoners. Most of the
prisoners died from the
experiments . He would
often just kill people so he
could dissect them.
Lethal gas was a Nazi method for
mass murder. The gas chamber
was first used in December 1939.
This was when a SS special
commando used carbon monoxide
to kill Polish mental patients.
The first chambers were put up at
Beyzec concentration camp.
When the prisoners were led into
them, they thought they were
taking showers. But the sad
reality is they were walking into
their own death. Over 2,500
people fit into one chamber . It
would only take an hour to kill
Gas Chamber patented by Topf und
Söhne (Topf and son) Company .
The Gestapo was the
secret Nazi police. They
were found in 1933. In
1936, Hitler made them the
national police force. Their
mission was to target the
Jewish people. The
Gestapo were a danger
and harmful to the Jewish
people. The Gestapo
were feared. In the end,
after the Holocaust was
over, the Gestapo and the
leaders in the police were
convicted of war crimes.
Gestapo Members
The Ghettos were run down houses
for the Jews. The ghettos were
created for separating the Jewish
people from the rest of the population.
There were several major ghettos:
Lrakow, Lvov, and Lodz. When the
Jews lived in these ghettos, they were
forced to wear badges. The Jewish
people were made to live in filth and
there was lots of disease that existed in
these ghettos. They were always
hungry because there was little or no
employment for the residence. Jewish
police forces were established to
maintain order. They would often
have concerts and lectures to help
keep them connected. These events
were well attended.
Jews Moving Into Warsaw Ghettos
Children were also made to wear the
Jewish Star of David
Heinrich Himmler was the
German Leader of the S.S. He
was born in Munich, Germany.
Himmler was born into a middle
class family. He entered into the
German Army in 1917. And
then he joined the S.S. in 1925.
Himmler became the leader of the
S.S. in 1929. While he was in
the S.S., he directed the killing of
about 6 million Jewish people.
While he was in service he got
sick. Hilter fired him and later he
committed suicide.
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