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cyber crimes
• Big increase in cyber crimes
(The Star 27 Apr 2011)
KUALA LUMPUR: There has been an increase in cyber
crimes in Malaysia over the last two years, more than
3,500 of them reported in the first three months of
this year.
CyberSecurity Malaysia chief operating officer Zahri
Yunos said some 8,000 cases were reported last year
and attributed this to the growth in Internet usage
and broadband penetration that now stood at 55%.
What is cyber crime?
• Also known as computer crime,digital crime,
e-crime and electronic crime
Examples of cyber
More example cyber crime
• Identify Theft
Some criminals use the Internet to break
intovictims' online financial accounts, taking
passwords, money and sensitive information
• Computer Viruses
Computer hackers are digital age criminals that
can bring down large infrastructures with a
single keystroke emitting a computer virus
Reasons for cyber crime
For financial
Identity theaf
Purely out of
Reasons for cyber crime
To forge
Revenge on
someone they hate
To signal some
form of protest
Purely to pursue
criminal activities
Property infringements and legal right
• Software piracy
That action against the law when the employees install the same
programme on multiple using software for which one license agreement
was paid.
-freeware and shareware
Freeware allow you copy or download without payment
Share ware is a software that canused by everyone for free for a limited
time period only
Cyber​-​ vandals like to change the public
site and display the information and how it canbe done by
hackers as disloyal are interpreted to severe penalties.
If the contractor can access via the Internet to other users'
information such as personal data, lists, records, personal e-mails,
even with good intentions can be defined as theft
•Tentang masalah jenayah siber
• Jenayah Siber di Malaysia Naik 100%
13 Januari 2009 (Harian Metro)
• PULAU PINANG 25 Julai – Sebanyak 6,167 kes penipuan
dalam Internet melibatkan nilai kerugian RM63 juta
dilaporkan di negara ini sepanjang tahun lalu.Ia
meningkat empat kali ganda dalam tempoh empat
tahun berbanding pada 2007 yang hanya mencatatkan
1,139 kes dengan nilai RM11.4 juta.
Kesan jenayah siber
• Kerugian wang ringgit. Ini kes biasa yang berlaku
di internet. Contohnya ditipu melalui chatting
room Yahoo Messenger.
• Maruah diri tercemar. Contoh mudah apabila
video dan gambar kurang elok tersebar meluas
oleh orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab.
• Kestabilan politik tergugat. Contoh paling mudah
apabila seorang remaja menghina lagu NegaraKu,
maka tersebar ke segenap pelusuk dunia

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