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Georeferencing and
Francisco Olivera, Ph.D., P.E.
Celso Ferreira
Department of Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University
Georeferencing using ArcGIS
Visualizing data in Google Earth
Acquiring a digital image
Importing images in ArcGIS
Defining control points
Resampling the image
Acquiring Images
e.g.: Brazos County Aerial Photos from 1940
Georeferencing Concepts
Source: ESRI Help
Georeferencing Concepts
Source: ESRI Help
Georeferencing GoogleEarth Images
Find control points in
Get coordinates for
each point
Use Georeferencing
toolbar for adjusting
the image
Demo: Georeferencing Images
using ArcGIS
Exercise Outline:
Goal: Find Reed Arena geographical location
using a 1940 aerial photograph
Load the georeferenced layers
Load the 1940 Image
Georeference the image
Delineate a polygon around Reed Arena
Preparing the data in ArcGis
Exchanging data:
Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an XML-based
language schema
Generating KML files from ArcGis
Importing KML files in GoogleEarth
Preparing the data
General geoprocessing procedures
Identify, clip, intersect, union…
Make sure to “clean up the data” and select
appropriate area
Generating KML
Conversion Tools>>To KML>>Layer to KML
Importing KML
In GoogleEarth Open KML
Examples – Watershed delineation
Examples – Watershed delineation
Demo: Visualizing data using
Data available from:
Dr. Olivera home page / Geomatics in Civil Engineering (CVEN
423) / Spring 2009
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