SNAP Web Portal How

How to apply for SNAP
(Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program)
also known as Food Stamps, ONLINE
Please go to the icon on your desktop
You can do two things here
• Do I Qualify- any information
entered here will not be saved.
This is a series of short questions
• Create and Account
Please pay close attention
and follow directions
Do you already have a Kynect (Health Insurance)account?
If so, you will not need to create a new account.
You can log in with the same information here
New User? Click here
Basic Information is entered here
If you are homeless you do not have to
enter a mailing address, but it would be
good to enter the address to the local DCBS
VERY important things:
• Write down your password
A valid email address (if you do not
have one you can get a free one on or
Your security questions-make sure you
answer these correctly and watch for
spelling and punctuation. It is best to
write these down somewhere.
Then click Submit
Password: 8 characters in length and contain at
least one number, one lower case letter, and
one uppercase letter
No Email ?
Almost there!
Click “HERE” (located above)
to access your Online Portal
and get to the next steps
that you need to take
Now you will need to REQUEST ACCESS
to the SNAP Web Portal
You can type it in the “Search” field
Or you can scroll until you see: SNAP Web Portal and hit Select
Now that you have selected which application you would
like, you will now select “SNAP Web Portal”
To go on and select your “roles” inside this
Online Portal
Enter the requested
This tells you what all you can do on this portal:
 Apply for Benefits
 Prescreen yourself for benefits
Make case changes/email workers
View your case notices electronically
You must go to the top to Apply for SNAP benefits and click to continue on
How soon will you know if you can get SNAP benefits?
The difference between:
• A regular application (can take up to 30 days to process)
• A expedited application (can be processed within 5 days) if your household
meets any of the below eligibility requirements
Personal/Financial Info
The Explain This feature will
further describe what type of
information they are looking
for, just click and an
information box will pop up.
Household Information
Very Important
Correctly answer the
number of how
many people:
Live, buy and cook
food together
This is has a great
determination on
WHO is considered in
your household and
how your case is
Read all the fine print and your
responsibilities before you
This is just like signing the
application in person!
Requesting Case Inquiry
Your Notices:
It is defaulted to receive your notices through US Mail unless
you go in and manually change this under the “My Settings”
tab. You can opt to receive these via email.
Note: this will show any messages that you may have between
you and your caseworker
This feature shows messages that you have sent
through the portal
For Example
 Status of your application
Reported changes
The Filter feature allows you to filter specific time
periods of the messages you want to view
Case Inquiry
• Household
– Members in your
• Case Information
– Certification Period
– If you have a SNAP
appointment within
the next 30 days (Yes
or No)
– Month you are due for
a review
– Case status
– Monthly Benefit
• Where You Live
• Mailing Address
Please contact DCBS {Department for Community Based Services}
Customer Service line with questions or to apply by phone:
Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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