Finding and Working with a Recruiter

How to find and work with a
recruiter that specializes in your
field or industry.
Christ the King Job Networking Group
March 29, 2012
 Kinetic Search - Raquel Fortier
 Accountemps – Amanda Newill
 Office Team – Marielle Yazolino
 AppleOne – Dianne Cuniffe
 Volt – Matt Abbott, Sarah Mills-Krutilek
Kinetic Search
 Kinetic Search Inc. has been providing staffing
services for 15 years. They have 3 divisions: Kinetic HR
for human resources contractor and permanent
staffing needs, Kinetic Creative, for creative and
marketing print and interactive media staffing for both
contractor and permanent hiring and they have
Kinetic Research a name generation and targeted
search methodology clients utilize for all types of
positions in all industries.
Kinetic Search
Raquel Fortier - Staffing Manager
 15 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting
industry .
Leads the HR Staffing division at Kinetic Search inc.
placing both contractor and permanent talent in Human
Previously worked with top staffing companies, such as
Robert Half and HR Solutions
Prior to Kinetic Search was a Senior Recruiter for Onyx
Understands both the dynamics of a staffing firm as well as
corporate recruiting needs, uniquely positions her to act as
a liaison between clients and candidates.
Robert Half
Accountemps & Office Team
Robert Half International:
 Founded in 1948, Robert Half is the world’s first and largest specialized
consulting and staffing services firm. The company is traded on the
New York Stock Exchange and is a member of the S&P 500 index.
Robert Half has a global network of more than 350 offices worldwide.
Specialized staffing divisions include:
 Accountemps
 Robert Half Finance & Accounting
 Robert Half Management Resources
 Robert Half Legal
 Robert Half Technology
 OfficeTeam
 The Creative Group
Accountemps – Amanda Newill
 Accountemps is the world’s first and largest specialized temporary staffing
company for accounting, finance and bookkeeping professionals. Accountemps
provides support throughout an accounting department including:
A/P & A/R Specialists
Accounting Mangers
Budget Analysts
Cost Accountants
Credit Managers
Certified General Accountants
Certified Management Accountants
Certified Public Accountants
Chartered Accountants
Financial Analysts
Payroll Professionals
Staff and Senior Accountants
Tax Accountants
Office Team – Marielle Yazolino
 OfficeTeam is the world’s leading staffing service specializing in the
placement of highly skilled office and administrative support
professionals on a temporary and temporary-to-full-time basis.
OfficeTeam provides administrative support throughout an
organization for positions including:
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Customer Service Representative
Data Entry Specialist
Office Manager
Project Coordinator
Human Resources Assistant
Marketing Assistant
 For over four decades, AppleOne has fulfilled the
challenging staffing needs of 30,000+ client companies. As
the nation’s largest privately held employment service, they
have 250+ offices in 33 states to capture the largest database
of qualified candidates to meet staffing needs. AppleOne
started with only a few offices in Southern California and
has become a nationwide, full-service employment agency.
 AppleOne Primarily staffs for administrative, clerical roles
(receptionist) Administrative Assistants, Customer
Service/Sales Representatives, Accounting, Human
Resources and Marketing professionals.
Dianne Cuniffe – Assistant Branch
Manager & Sr. Account Manager
 Has been with AppleOne since 2000.
 Responsible for Account Management, Sales and
 Manage one of the largest accounts in the region.
 Primary recruiter for Contra Costa County.
10,000 clients, Fortune clients
As one of the nation’s largest talent acquisition
companies, Volt specializes in providing
comprehensive staffing solutions to more than
10,000 well-respected clients globally, including
more than 72% of the Fortune 100 & 47% of the
Fortune 500, in a wide variety of industries. Volt
offers customizable solutions & use innovatively
designed processes, expert recruiters & our database
of more than seven million candidates to deliver ondemand recruiting services.
Matt Abbott – Area Sales Manager
Sarah Mills Krutilek – Delivery Manager, Accounting & Finance
 Matt brings over 11 years of sales management, business development and
account management within the staffing industry.
 Has received 6 national awards for his ability to build high performing
recruiting teams and help over 1000 worthy employees find gainful
 Has been an active member of the Christ the King Job Networking Ministry
and has been recognized by his alma mater for chartering the SF Alumni
 Sarah specializes in the placement of Accounting and Finance professionals on
both project and permanent placement.
 Oversees the day to day recruiting practices of the Volt Accounting and Finance
Recruiting team.
 Currently serves as an ambassador for the San Francisco Chamber of commerce
and a former ambassador for the Livermore Chamber.
How Do I Find a Recruiter or
 Ask – dig into your friend network and ask who they
use or have used!
 Do an internet search for agencies in your area.
Review the websites and see what type of positions
they recruit for.
 Networking – job fairs, trade shows, chamber events,
 Look at job posting and see who’s posting them.
What Type of Recruiters/Agencies
Are There?
 Staffing Agency – majority of position will be temp or temp to
hire. Direct/permanent positions may also be available.
 Contingency Recruiting Agency - does an employee search on a
contingency basis for a company. The recruiter is paid upon a
successful hire/placement. The recruiter is responsible to do the
initial recruiting, screening and interviewing.
 A Retained Agency - similar to a contingency recruiting agency.
Main difference is the client company pays a retainer fee to have
that company perform a search. A portion of the overall search
fee is paid upfront and the remainder is due upon a successful
hire. The initial retainer fee is paid whether or not a
placement/hire is made. Mainly used for higher level positions.
What Type of Recruiters/Agencies
Are There?
 Outplacement Agency - provides job hunting assistance to
jobseekers, typically downsized/displaced individuals. Many
times the employer will hire an outplacement company to help
their recently downsized workforce find jobs.
 Specializations – HR, Accounting/Finance, Legal, IT, Healthcare,
Office/Clerical, Call Center, Assembly, Production, Light
What Type of Positions Do Agencies
 Temporary/Contract – an assignment will only last for a
specified time period. On occasion, the assignment may
be extended but never expect anything more.
 Temp to Hire – after a certain period of time the position
will be become permanent if the client agrees it is a fit.
 Direct/Permanent Placement – Once you are placed in a
position you are an employee of the hiring company from
day one.
What Are the Advantages of
Working With a Recruiter?
 Recruiters are a direct link to job opportunities.
 Recruiters sometimes have positions that are not
posted or advertised.
 Recruiter will become your advocate for finding a
 Recruiters know the ins and outs of a client.
 Recruiters will market you to their clients.
How To Work With A Recruiter &
What to Expect
 A Phone Screen.
 An interview – expect to talk about your background,
accomplishments, strength, weaknesses, past pay
history, & what compensation you are looking for.
Resume review – suggestions may be given.
You will need to fill out paperwork.
In some cases, testing will be done
Be able to provide at least 2 business
How To Work With A Recruiter &
What to Expect
 Your recruiter will do your salary negotiations.
 Before going out to an interview your recruiter will do
an Interview Prep with you – listen to them!
 Once you register with an Agency many provide free
tutorials – take advantage of them.
 Never pay a fee!
What Not To Do
 Not telling your recruiter everything about your
employment, background, and employment gaps. Be
Do not go around your recruiter & go directly to their
Do not harass your Recruiter. Agree on your check-in
days/times and stick to it.
Not calling when you can’t make it to an assignment. Call
as soon as possible.
Not responding to your recruiter. Recruiters move fast.
Respond even if you are unavailable.
Don’t take it personally.
Questions For the Recruiters
 Is it OK to work with more than one Recruiter/agency?
 When I am on an assignment who is my employer, the
agency or the client?
If I am on an assignment and have an issue, do I go to
my recruiter or the client?
How do I get paid?
How do you source for your clients/jobs?
How do you screen resumes? Do you prefer a certain
style for a resume?
Questions For the Recruiters
 What are some common mistakes you see on resumes?
 Do you post all your positions on the internet?
 How do you match up candidates and the open
 Do you share my information with other
recruiters in your agency?
 Do you consult me before submitting
my resume to a client?
Questions for the Recruiters?

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