Woon Kim, Poornima Natarajan

Wylie Dissertation Fellows 2013
Woon Kim
Ph.D. Candidate
Advisor – Dr. Gang-Len Chang
Track: Transportation
This fellowship gave me a new strength and motivation to
keep up my long-run achievement, when I was about to doubt
my academic achievement. I will strive to finish my research
in time and be a proud "Ph.D." mom.
I am working on the development of a freeway traffic incident
management support system which consists of the optimized in
response strategy, the prediction model of incident duration,
and the detour decision support model.
A well developed and operated freeway incident management
support system which integrates the aforementioned
components would play a critical role to mitigate incidentinduced congestion so as to yield enormous socioeconomic
and environmental savings.
Poornima Natarajan
Ph.D. Candidate
Advisor – Dr. Davis
Track: Environmental
I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil and
Environmental Engineering at University of Maryland,
College Park. I received my Master’s degree in
Environmental Engineering from University of Maryland in
2008 and obtained Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
from India in 2006. I am a recipient of the A. James Clark
fellowship (2009), the I-95 Corridor Coalition fellowship
(2010), and the Clark School’s Future Faculty fellowship
(2011) during my graduate studies at University of
My dissertation topic is “evaluation of transitional
performance of a wet infiltration basin managing highway
runoff.” This field-scale research focuses on determining
the functionality and effectiveness of a failed infiltration
basin in reducing storm water runoff flows and providing
water quality improvements in the runoff.

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