Guide to Global Roaming with Verizon Wireless

September 2013
Prices and terms subject to change
Before You Travel
Guide to Global Roaming
with Verizon Wireless
Global Rates and Charges
 Call 5-4900 or email [email protected]
before leaving the U.S. to add an int’l data plan.
You will need a global device and plan to stay
connected while traveling outside the U.S.
CDMA devices will only work in ~ 47 countries like
Canada and Mexico Visit:
Roaming and
 Be informed. Know the rates and fees for the specific
countries you are visiting before traveling. Visit:
International Long Distance from the US
 To reduce the rate on calls made from the US to
international countries, add the Long Distance Value Plan for
$3.99 a month.
 Text messages to non-US phones numbers charged .25 to
send and .20 to receive. Pix/flix: .50 to send and.25 to receive.
• Canada and Mexico are the only countries with voice allowance plans.
Email [email protected] for details.
• Global Text: .50 to send, .05 to receive. Global Picture & Video: .50 to
send, .25 to receive.
 A GSM global device (Blackberry 9930 , iPhone 4S, 5
or global-ready modem) is required in ~ 206 countries.
 Devices must have the I-dial feature and a SIM card
for global voice and data. The global data feature must
be added to avoid large data roaming charges. Voice
and texting while outside the country will always incur
roaming charges.
• Voice roaming rates apply when the device is outside the U.S. For
rates, visit:
Laptop and
Nationwide Global Email plan for $68.39 a month: University-wide 400
Minute Pooled Voice Plan / Unlimited Domestic and International Data /
Unlimited Domestic Messaging. (For GSM devices)
For a list of covered countries:
Otherwise, data roaming charges will be charged pay-per-use rates
(not recommended): $2.05/MB while Canada, $5.12/MB in Mexico,
$20.48/MB in all other countries.
• Use Wi-Fi where available for global data.
• Add the Global Data feature OR pay-per-use rates apply (see above)
• Global Data feature: 100MB for $19.75, overage is $25 per 100MB.
• Allowance will be pro-rated if not on the plan for full initial month.
• Allowance does not apply to all countries. Some countries charge
$20.48 / MB with no allowance (ex. Malaysia). See
Travel Tips and Support
 Before leaving the US, call 5-4900 or email [email protected] to add the global
data feature to cover email and web access.
 Estimate potential Data Usage Costs:
 Update phone’s roaming capability before leaving the US; Dial * 2 2 8, option 2 (not
necessary for the iPhone)
Some countries may require manually switching cell to correct mode (CDMA or GSM).
Consult device user guide for instructions.
 To check voicemail while outside the US: Dial country exit code (typically 00), US code
(1), followed by your 10-digit number mobile #, then follow the prompts. Global per-minute
rates apply.
 No charge to use Blackberry Messenger – RIM’s instant messaging app for blackberryto-blackberry only. Google BBM for details.
Call Verizon at 1-800-922-0204 from the US for additional travel information.
Verizon Global Support while outside the US:
Dial country exit code , or the ‘+’ sign,1 (908) 559-4899.
Developed by HUIT Telecom – For additional Information call us at (617) 495-4900

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