Lesson 10 * John 1:29*2:25

Lesson 10 – John 1:29–2:25
Come and See
The Book of John
• Quick review of the
Gospels: what are the
synoptic gospel writers
(Matthew, Mark, and
Luke) trying to do?
– Answer the question,
“Who is Christ?”
• And what is John trying to
– The members of the
church already know who
Christ is.
– John answers the
question, “Why is Christ?”
Titles of Jesus
• Let’s go through the first chapter of John and find
(mark) all of the titles of Christ that are given.
• “The Son of Man” – Not something you would
find in the other gospels
– Only Christ refers to Himself as this, always with “The”
– The only begotten of the “Man of Holiness”
Christ Gathers First Disciples
• Word starts spreading…
• John 1:38-39 – What is Christ’s
– “Come and See”
• More disciples join
• Christ’s first public miracle
• https://www.lds.org/biblevideos/videos/jesus-turns-water-intowine
• Notice they use the JST version of v4.
• “Woman”
– Was not a disrespectful address, rather a
sign of honor
– John 19:26
Extra First Pages in Notebook
• Miracle Log
– Three columns: Reference, Miracle, Meaning
• Parable Log
– Three columns: Reference, Parable, Meaning
Why this miracle?
• Jesus just refused to turn
stones into bread, why water
into wine?
• John 21:25 – John put this in
very specifically
• Easy answer: It’s His first
public miracle.
• Let’s dig a bit deeper into the
Twist Endings
• John is going back and finding all
the clues, now that He knows the
mission of Christ, as Christ did?
• What does the wine represent?
The water?
– Christ the living water -> Blood of
• Jesus the Bridegroom
• The man’s comment (2:10)
• Is this a stretch? Does Christ
already know He will be sacrificed?
• John 2:18-22
The Invitation
• John is inviting us and all members of the
Church, as Christ did, to “Come and See”
• President Uchtdorf:
• Let us not only learn, but also be a part of it.
Notebook Ideas
• Who is Christ? What titles most inspire and
teach you about Him?
• How can you invite others to “Come and See”?

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