Ray J Evernham

Ray J Evernham
I am 19 Years Old, I am from
Cornelius, North Carolina
My Family
• My Mom’s name is Mary Evernham. She is a stay
at home Mom and loves me with all of her heart.
• My Dad’s name is Ray Evernham. He works for
Nascar. He owned his own Nascar team and was a
crew chief for Nascar driver Jeff Gordon. He is
currently a commentator for ESPN.
• My Stepmom’s name is Erin Crocker Evernham.
She is a sprint car driver.
• I have two dogs (Shihtzu’s) Lizzie and Mojo.
My Best Friends
• Chelsea has been my best friend since 7th grade. She always
makes me laugh. She is currently a fashion model.
• Gina is my godmother’s daughter. She is really fun to be
around. Me and my mom like to call her CHI CHI
CHIHUAHUA because she is so skinny. She lives in New
• Amanda is a really good friend as well. She is really fun to
be around and always makes me laugh. She lives in New
Jersey too.
• Donna is my oldest friend and is my mom’s best friend as
well. She makes me laugh so hard all the time. She has a
really deep New Jersey accent so that makes me laugh too.
My Fav’s
• My Favorite Movie: STEP UP 3-D
• My Favorite Color: Lime Green
• My favorite TV Shows: GLEE, Hannah
Montana, Victorious, iCarly
• My Favorite Singer’s: Miley Cyrus, Selena
Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove, Flo Rida, Justin
• My Favorite Food: Chinese and Japanese
Going to the Movies
Going to Amusement Parks
What Makes Me Happy 
Going to the movies
Going for a ride
Listening to Upbeat Music
What Makes Me Sad 
• Nothing really makes me sad. Im usually a
pretty happy person.
The Need To Know’s
I really like to have a good time
I love to laugh
Music relaxes me
Movies Make me happy

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