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The Roaring 20's:
Conservatism and
Cultural Diversity
in the 1920's
By: Brittany Pincus, Leo Flores, and
Veronica Joyce
President in 1919 and 1920 was Wilson.
He failed to properly deal with postwar issues which
allowed republicans into the White House.
Harding won the election. Under his presidency, the
United States had the strongest economy in its history.
However, his cabinet stole money from the Treasury
which made people dislike him.
Coolidge was the next president. He kept Harding's
policies. Progressives weren't happy with him
Hoover was the next Republican president
He created trade associations that would eliminate
destructive economic competition
New mass-produced
commodities were made
The production lines
changed American's lives
Almost anyone could
buy almost anything
The economy grew
stronger with this burst
of buying
Soon everyone could
afford a car of their own
Labor saving devices
allowed people to have
more leisure time. This
allowed people to have
more fun.
Tensions prevailed
between rural and
urban America
 A serious tension in the
urban cities were crimes
selling illegal products
which occurred during the
this time period. Al Capone is
infamous for this act in
In the 1920's with the end of
wartime demand, the
commercial agriculture of
crops such as wheat and
corn was soon not needed as
There was also a loss of
foreign markets and the
rural areas were in
depression from a great
drop of need for crops
because there were
factories supplying people.
The decade witnessed
a rise in Nativism and
The US government persecuted
radicals in the red scare
 The beginning of Communism
 Back in the United States,
veterans were returning home.
Workers who avoided striking
during the war were now
demanding wage increases to keep
pace with spiraling inflation.
 A small group of radicals formed
the Communist Labor Party in
 The Attorney general, A.
Mitchell Palmer, was afraid of
communism spreading to the
united states as an action to
prevent it, he deported over 249
Russian immigrants with no cause.

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