Attributes of Memorable Coaches
Getting the work done
Clarifies goals/tasks and manages toward those objectives
Lets employees learn from their own mistakes and helps them move on after/succeed or fail on their own
Encourages risk taking
Solicits and provides honest/consistent/timely feedback
Challenges employees/push employees outside of their comfort zones
Leads by example/role model
Invests time and resources
Sees big picture
Grounded in facts
Thinks outside the box
Open exchange of knowledge
In the workplace
Shares information appropriately
Respectful of schedules
Navigates politics
Gives access to other parts of organization
Advocates for employees and their ideas
Attributes of Memorable Coaches
Communicates with team regularly
Listens to team
Team player
Knows how to build a team
Knows individual motivations of team members
Understands the areas in which their employees work
Treats everyone fairly
Looks to team for solutions
Shares in successes and failures
Democratic leadership – allows team to make decision
Concern for employee as a person, not just as an employee
Invests time and resources
Recognizes strengths
Anticipates employees needs
Serves as a mentor
Trains new leaders and coaches
Supports professional development
Attributes of Memorable Coaches
Personal Traits
• Honest
• Available
• Decision Maker
• Trustworthy
• Respectful
• Transparent
• Common Sense
• Patient
• Inclusive
• Motivational
Sense of humor
Development Happens Every Day
How Development Occurs
and Reading
On the Job Experiences,
Tasks and Problem Solving
 Recently, 200 managers at
Northeastern were asked to recall an
important and memorable development
experience in their own careers
 Their responses were interesting and
varied, and followed common themes.
Interestingly, the themes closely mirror
the model to the right
 The statements that follow are
representative of what the managers
described, not direct quotes
Adapted from research by M.M. Lombardo and R.W. Eichinger for the Center for Creative Leadership
Memorable Development Experiences
On the Job Experiences, Tasks and Problem Solving
 Participating on a Committee or Task Force, especially if unrelated to my job
 Learning from other’s experiences and styles
 Getting exposure to different activities, processes and expectations
 Challenges me to think differently
 Helps build my skills in teamwork and collaboration
 Helps me understand what is occurring outside my own job/area
 Helps me understand how my job/area fit into the big picture
 Learning from new people in my area
 Hearing about their backgrounds and prior experiences helps me see things differently
 Being open to their ideas and perspectives helps me learn and grow
 Viewing what has been traditionally done in my area through the eyes of new people is helpful in
evaluating if we are doing things the best way or not
 Being asked to instruct or train others
 Forces me to ‘up my game’ and be certain I really know the content
 Challenges me to clearly explain things and answer questions in a way that is understandable to a novice
 Their success is my success, so I want to be sure they learn
Memorable Development Experiences continued
On the Job Experiences, Tasks and Problem Solving continued
 Dealing with a crisis or an emergency
 Forcing me to deal with ambiguity – both in what to do as well as the outcomes
 Learning from intensely focusing on the issue
 Having to draw upon knowledge and experience ‘on the fly’ to respond and taken action
 Building camaraderie and a sense of ‘we are all in this together’ helped me learn even when we made
 Gave me confidence that I am a capable professional in my field
 Working with people of different backgrounds, experiences and styles is enriching
 Taking on ‘stretch’ activities or goals challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and helped others see
what I was capable of
 Being thrown into a situation and having to figure out what I was dealing with and how to handle it
Memorable Development Experiences
 Others have seen things in me that I didn’t see in myself
 Encourage and supported me to take risks I didn’t think I was capable of handling
 Helped me see and appreciate strengths I took for granted
 Committee/team members gave me feedback that caused me to adjust how I handled things, and caused
me to be more effective
 Being open to feedback has helped me understand and navigate the complexities of this University
Memorable Development Experiences
Courses and Reading
 Going to a conference and then being asked to share the experience (in depth) with colleagues
 Helped me focus on the content while at the conference
 Required that I think through how best to convey the information to others in an accurate way, while also
keeping their interest
 Seeing the Seattle Fish Market video helped me realize that what I put into my work is what I get out of it – if
I am positive, I get positive responses; if I am negative I get negative responses

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