Program Services - CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy
Sustainable Schools Program
August 2013 – June 2014 School Year
Program Overview
 Energy conservation program offered by
CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric at no
cost for selected high schools
 Program goals are to:
– Raise awareness for energy conservation
– Change behavior to have a positive impact on the
– Promote energy savings
 School Year: August 2013 – June 2014
Program Services
 Work with staff to promote energy efficiency awareness
 Project resources and activities are provided for participating
students (extracurricular groups and CTE) on:
– Concept of energy
– Understanding of energy conservation
– Methods of reducing energy consumption
 Materials are designed to complement tested content areas
and provide exposure to several career paths
 Implementation by staff is outlined upfront and supported
Program Services (cont’d)
 Applied activities engage students:
School building energy audits
Home energy conservation activities
Round table discussions
Promotional initiatives
 Select schools receive expert energy
assessment targeting low-cost operational
School Energy Audits
 Each participating
school is loaned a
basic energy audit kit
 Participating teachers School Kit Contents:
conduct energy audits - Light meter
- Watt meter
with students
- Infrared temperature sensor
- Incandescent light bulb
 Students create
- Compact fluorescent light bulb
energy audit reports
- Screw-in adapters
Customer Eligibility
High schools (9th – 12th grades)
Public or private schools
CenterPoint Energy’s electric service territory
Commitment for active participation in the
 Significant energy savings potential (for expert
energy assessment)
 CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric approval
Program Benefits
 Requires no financial obligation for schools
 Helps schools achieve energy & cost savings
 Provides career path exposure and hands-on
 Teacher training & support
 Encourages environmentally-conscious behavior
 Positive publicity for school and districts, valuable
experience for students
School’s Responsibilities
 Identify staff to participate in the Program
 Enable implementation by staff and students
 Foster school-wide awareness of the energy
conservation program and goals
 Ensure proper use of program materials
 Implementation of your selected low-cost
energy efficiency improvements
 Allow Program participants to promote
success to the community
Program Responsibilities
 Provide resources, materials & suggested activities
on energy conservation
 Provide training & on-going support to appropriate
school staff
 Provide school energy audit kit on loan basis
 Expert energy assessment of select schools to
identify low cost improvements, in addition to student
 Enable Program success and promotion to the
Program Steps
Fill out & submit customer application
If approved, sign Memorandum of Understanding
Provide orientation, training, materials, equipment
Conduct the Program at the school
- Subject content
- Suggested activities
- School-wide initiatives
 Promote Program success
Contact Information
 Willdan Energy Solutions Project Manager
Greg Barker
713-465-1813 ext. 1135
[email protected]
 CenterPoint Energy Project Manager
Cheryl Bowman

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