Presentation to Parents

The Duke would be so proud
Bronze Expeditions 2014
Dates, times and staff
Kit and money
Food and drink
How to pass ~ the 20 conditions
Assessor ~ Chris Barlow
The Silver Award ~ requisites
Dates, times and staff
Debden House
13/14th June
• Depart from Campion 11:00 (after exam ~ attire)
• Return to Campion
16:00 (approx.)
• Boys will text when leaving ‘Epping’
Staffing (remote supervision)
• Messrs Nye, Walker and Hendley
Dates, times and staff
Holland’s Wood Campsite (The New Forest)
15/16th July
• Arrive (to leave) at Campion
• Return to Campion
• Boys will text when leaving the New Forest
• Messrs Nye, Hendley and Heffernan (and Chris Barlow)
Debden House ~ Epping Forest
Holland’s Wood ~ The New Forest
Kit and money (£10?)
• Lists issued
• Must be able to fit into
rucksack (exception ~ roll
• Trial run
• Carrier bag with
food/drink prior to
Food and drink
• No stopping to buy food ~
self-sufficient for the
entire expedition
• 1 litre water bottle
• More water available
from minibus at
checkpoints and
• Emergency ration
Food and drink
~ please avoid nuts, fish and eggs
First aid kit
Packing the rucksack
Hygiene and toileting ~ bring tissues
Weather watch ~ dictates clothing
• Same standards that I expect at school
• Any deviation ~ parents called to collect
• Award failed (even on practice expedition)
How to pass ~ the 20 conditions
• Your expedition must be by your own physical effort
You must be properly equipped for your expedition
• You must have completed the required training and practice
• You and your team must plan and organise your expedition
• There must be between four and seven people in your group
• Your overnight accommodation should be camping
• You must do the minimum hours of planned daily activity for your
DofE level
• You should cook and eat a substantial meal each day
• You must create and deliver a presentation after your expedition
to complete the section
• Don't forget that all your team must meet these conditions!
The Silver Award ~ requisites
• Must complete the
Bronze Award by 1st
September 2013
• More of the same (two
six month modules and
a two night expedition)
• Completed in Year 11

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