"The library is my
favorite place to
diligently study ..."
Dr. Elizabeth Boretz
E-mail: [email protected]
USTU 010 Students:
“I control my inner dialogue to promote my success”
-- 68% reported movement from “disagree” or “not sure” to
“agree” or “strongly agree.”
“I am prepared to say ‘no’ to friends and others close to me
when it is in my best interest to do so.”
– 59% reported movement from “disagree” or “not sure” to
“agree” or “strongly agree.”
Utilize Resources
• 2013-14 Special Probation Students:
– 3 or more advisor visits. . . Good Standing
– 2 or fewer . . . Academic Dismissal
Yearly Averages
Confidence Before Confidence After
Total Avg
(tutee reported
Actually read
Words of Wisdom for
our New Bobcats
Things an Academic Advisor would say
Things a Library eBook would say
Things the learning.ucmerced.edu website
would say
Things a Successful Sophomore would say
Things the VPN would say
Things a New Bobcat Parent SHOULD say
• I can show you how to locate your academic
• I have up-to-date tutorial and workshop
• My online workshops can help you succeed!
• That’s an impressive GPA! You should check out
my list of elite and prestigious competitions.
• Why call your parents, when you can just turn to
me for current, accurate information?*
Things the learning.ucmerced.edu
Website Would Say
• I’ll make it easier for you to go home for the
• You’ll really want to get to know me if you live
off campus.
• With me, you can read library books any time,
• You can download me on as many computers
as you want.*
Things the VPN Would Say
• My job is to empower you to succeed and get
your degree.
• I keep your academic record confidential. Only
you can share it with your parents.
• Along with the Peer Academic Advisors, I can
help you navigate any processes related to
your course planning or registration.
• Drop in or make an appointment, but don’t put
off coming to see me for guidance.*
Things an Academic Advisor Would Say
• I live online.
• Read me, save a tree.
• You don’t even have to come to the
library to check me out.
• You like me? There’s almost four million
more where I came from!*
Things a Library eBook Would Say
• In college, it’s all up to you. So be responsible read, go to class, and turn in assignments on
• You have to read to succeed so buy or rent your
textbooks. It’s cheaper than retaking the class!
• Don’t wait until you’re failing to get help from
professors, advisors, librarians and workshops.
• Dude, you can eat in this library!*
Things a Successful Sophomore
Would Say
• Too much noise in the residence halls? The
library has quiet spaces to study.
• It’s October 21st – how do your mid-semester
grades look? Please show them to me.
• You don’t want me for a friend on Facebook, but
please friend the Library!
• I can’t help you with your paper, but have you
tried faculty office hours, a workshop, a tutor, an
academic advisor, or meeting with a librarian?*
Things a New Bobcat Parent

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